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Interview with Zak Noor

27 Feb

IMG_0983Zak has been averaging 15 points, five assists, 4 rebounds, and three steals this season.

Here is a link to his junior year highlights.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Weight, height, and position?

Zak Noor: 6’0″, 150 lbs, point guard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Strengths you bring to a team?

Zak Noor: Strength, quickness, ball handle, penetrate to the rim very well.  Defense, shoot 3 pointer, and high IQ.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some things that you are working on as a ball player?

Zak Noor: Pull-up jump shots consistency more, and just getting better defensively always.  My pull-ups has been consistent this year though.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Besides from just skills, what else do you bring to the team?

Zak Noor: I have a good character.  I am a very hardworking and I’m coachable.  School I had a 3.6 last semester, and a 2.8 cumulative GPA.  I did bad but by the years I have improved.  ACT I got a 20.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What do you look for in a school from both a basketball and academic standpoint?

Zak Noor: For (academics) engineering or medical.  Don’t know which yet and also it doesn’t matter to me how big the size is but not to small.  Basketball, I look for a great coaching staff that will get me better and work me to the fullest and that will trust me.  Also a good facility to play in.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: So far, what schools have been contacting you?

Zak Noor: Albion, Adrian, I went to Wayne State for a game.  Denison, Concordia, Case Western.  But no offers.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Anything stand out to you about these schools/any relationships with any coaches or players at any of those schools?

Zak Noor: My old coaches out of high school played for Wayne State and Albion.  The coaches from Albion are really nice and like what I do and feel that I will help.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: When do you expect to receive some offers?

Zak Noor: Hopefully by the end of the season after I get my tape done from the season.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is an interesting fact about you?

Zak Noor: I’m really funny and like math.

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Interview with Lavail Russell

23 Feb

The sneaky quick sophomore guard Lavail Russell talks after his 22 point performance against Muskegon Heights

Muskegon Heights vs. Melvindale ABT Recap

23 Feb

Muskegon Heights 60 vs. ABT 69: Coming across the state on a friday night after a long day of school is not an easy thing to do. And that was the challenge that faced the Muskegon Heights Tigers on Friday night. Through the first part of the first quarter, it looked as if the Tigers just got off a three hour ride. Trailing 15-9 to nine after the first quarter. But it was more than just the score, it was the turnovers the Tigers committed that ABT was not able to capitalize on them. Even if your opponent is not taking advantage of your turnovers, you still shouldn’t play with fire. ABT was able to extend their lead to as many as 10 at 24-14 midway through the second. But for the remainder of the half, star forward Terron Ramsey was taken out of the game. During that time period is where Heights made their run. Trailing only by three at halftime. In the third is where things got interesting. The game got a little chippy between the two teams with bodies hitting the floor pretty hard, but that is the sport of basketball. This is the quarter where it looked like Heights might get out of here with a win. Behind star junior Aaron Sydnor, the Tigers were able to take a lead as much as 7. Everything was going in the Tigers favor. Turnovers, breaks and fouls all pointed in the direction of Muskegon. Unfortunately for the Tigers, even with Ramsey on the bench throughout the quarter, their momentum was lost. Sydnor did not have the best of quarters compared to earlier in the game. And the Gators were able to cruise to a hard fought victory.


ABT was led by sophomore guard Lavail Russell. Who led the Gators in scoring with 22 points. Ramsey, in limited minutes, contributed with 11. Claude Lewis had 7. For the Tigers, Aaron Sydnor had a remarkable 27 points in the contest. Most of them coming on three point shots. The guard showed the ability to make big time shots when his team needed it the most against the 14-1 Gators. A name to remember for sure for those of you in West Michigan.

Interview with Jonathan Williams

23 Feb


Toledo commit and Southfield-Lathrup star Jonathan Williams has almost every offensive talent to succeed at the nest level.  One of state’s elite combo guards, Jonathan is a pure scorer.  You must have one maybe even two guys guarding him.  Because if you don’t, he could drop 30 points.  Improving as an all around ball player as he states in the interview.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and position please?

Jonathan WilliamsMy height is 6’3″ 1/2, my weight is 190 lbs, my position is combo guard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Thoughts on how the season has been going so far?

Jonathan Williams: As a whole, not too good.  We could’ve been much better but we are working on it everyday and looking forward to playing in the state tournament.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Best moments you have had this season?

Jonathan Williams: I would say playing in a hostile environment.  Like vs. Southfield High or Country Day or even Pontiac.  But the ultimate best moment I’ve had this season was the game winning pull-up vs. Troy.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What mark or impact do you think you are leaving on Lathrup being one if not the best players to come out of there?

Jonathan Williams: I would say that I’m leaving the mark as example that hard work and dedication pays off.  Everyone that knows me know that I work hard and have worked hard to get to the place that I’m at and still progressing.  Hard work makes me who I am.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How tough would you say it is being one of the state’s top combo guards, but being on a struggling team?

Jonathan Williams: Real tough.  I would say its making me an all around better player because I’m forced to do thing other than score.  It’s making me a more mature person as well I think my game is growing playing with a struggling team, whether is looks like it or not.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What made you pick Toledo to continue your basketball career?

Jonathan Williams:  Toledo was the perfect fit for me.  I loved their facilities and the players and the coaching staff made me feel like family.  They showed the most love so I felt it was only right to go where I was comfortable.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What skills are you going to bring to Toledo to help the team?

Jonathan Williams: I think I can bring scoring and leadership.  Also I think can be a decent rebounder.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Advice for you that are trying to become like you?

Jonathan Williams: To work hard on what is important to you everyday.  Keep a level head and stay humble.  And to give credit to God for blessing you and to others for helping you.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What and fun/interesting fact about you?

Jonathan Williams: I can bowl a little.  I eat a lot!  And I’m often considered to be a funny guy.

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Consortium Coaches

22 Feb

Consortium coaches talk after the win against Robichaud.  The first game since the death of Coach Al Anderson.

R.I.P. Coach Anderson

20 Feb

Consortium 82 vs. Robichaud 48- I have to say, this was the most heart warming basketball game I have ever been to.  So many times in this time in this age, we here the bad things about high school sports such as illegal recruitment.  But this game showed the brighter side of high school sports.  On Saturday, the 16th of February, of the year 2012, the Consortium Cougars lost more than a coach, they lost a leader, a mentor, and a father.  From the time Al Anderson stepped in at Consortium, he has completely turned the program around.  Players like Travon Baker and Marin Mornar have all played for Coach Anderson, who not only provided them  a chance to continue their basketball careers, but to get an education.  Coach Anderson will be greatly missed, and I respect all the Consortium staff for not cancelling this game.

The Game

You could tell the Cougars wanted this one for Coach Al.  As freshman star Josh Jackson scored the first five points of the game to put the Cougars up 5-0 within the first :30 seconds of play.  The Cougars were able to extend there lead to double digits at 23-9 at the end of one.  Robichaud star Lorenzo Bonam struggled throughout most of the quarter, only scoring two points.  And things only got worse for Bonam.  With 6:45 left in the second, Bonam went up for what appeared to be a simple two handed dunk.  But on the landing, Lorenzo came down funny on his calf forcing him to depart from the game in which he never returned.  By the time that happened, momentum was swinging into the hand of Consortium.  They led 42-25 at half and by as much as 68-45 with 4:02 left in the fourth quarter.  The key to Consortium’s success was their ability to get into transition.  When you have athletic bigs such as Vince Hunter and Josh Jackson, and quick guards like Ronald Boothe, it can be deadly for any team.  Hunter finished up with 25 points and 14 rebounds.  Josh had 18 points and nine rebounds while also recording four blocks.  Ronald Boothe also chipped in with 11 points for the Cougars.

Interview with Bakari Evelyn

18 Feb

Bakari, just a sophomore, is a state champion.  So he knows what the feeling is in March when you hoist the trophy into the air that says “Class D Champions.”  This year is no different for his Southfield Christian Eagles.  Bakari is capable of any night scoring twenty plus points, but at the same times is a ferocious defender.  Evelyn is a quick, but smart point guards who knows how to create scoring opportunities.  At times he might need to slow down a little bit and not try to take over the game.  Don’t be surprised if this kid becomes a national recruit before his senior year.

Interview with Vince Hunter

18 Feb

Vince Hunter is the heart and soul of the Consortium Cougars.  The senior is a high energy type of player who demands the best out of his team.  Hunter is a monster on the defensive end of the court.  He makes you think twice about putting the shot up.  Finishes above the rim.  UTEP will be getting a player who can make an impact right away next season.

Coach Wydell Henry of Pershing

18 Feb

Coach Henry in his first year at Pershing has deviated from Pershing’s strong tradition of basketball excellence.  His Doughboys are currently undefeated and sit number one in the State of Michigan.  He talks after his game in the PSL City Championship.

Antania Hayes Interview

18 Feb

DePual commit Antania Hayes talks after her King Crusaders won the second city title in as many years.  Hayes played a marvelous all around game, considering the fact that a few hours before the game, she attended the viewing of her brother who had recently passed away.

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