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Thanksgiving Weekend Team Scrimmages

29 Nov

images-6Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means only one thing, the regular season for high school basketball is less than two weeks away from starting.  However, teams continue to practice hard in anticipation for upcoming scrimmages against other teams.  There are more than enough scrimmages around the state to check out, but if you would like to watch some local talent, there are two gyms you have to be in.  One will be held at Hype Athletics in Dearborn Heights, while the other will be held at Lansing Eastern High School.  I am providing the schedule for the two tournaments below, but if you have any information about any upcoming scrimmages you would like to get out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Hype Athletics: 

Time Match Court Match Court Match Court Match Court
10AM Mumford vs John Glenn 1 Pershing vs W.L. Central 2 Det. Western vs Crestwood 3 Fordson vs Chandler Park 4
11AM Denby vs Oak Park 1 Det. Henry Ford vs University Prep 2 Detroit Cody vs Ecorse 3 Sterling Hts vs Farmington HS 4
12PM Pershing vs Fordson 1 Det. Western vs John Glenn 2 Mumford vs Chandler Park 3 W.L. Central   vs Crestwood 4
1PM University Prep vs Farmington HS 1 Ecorse vs Oak Park 2 Denby vs Det. Henry Ford 3 Detroit Cody vs Sterling Hts 4
2PM Det. Western vs Chandler Park 1  W.L. Central  vs Mumford 2 Pershing vs Crestwood 3 John Glenn vs Fordson 4
3PM Denby vs Sterling Hts 1 Oak Park vs University Prep 2 Detroit Cody vs Farmington HS 3 Ecrose vs Det. Henry Ford 4
4PM Tecumseh vs Edsel Ford 1 Hazel Park vs Harper Woods 2 Grand Rapids Union vs Hartland 3 Trillium Acad vs Pinckney 4
5PM Ferndale vs Allen Academy 1 Garden City  vs Det. Public Safety 2 Hazel Park  vs Tecumseh 3 Grand Rapids Union vs Trillium Acad 4
6PM Edsel Ford vs Harper Woods 1 Ferndale vs Pinckney 2 Hartland vs Garden City 3 Allen Academy vs Det. Public Safety 4
7PM Tecumseh vs Trillium Acad 1  Hazel Park vs Grand Rapids Union 2 Edsel Ford vs Hartland 3 Harper Woods vs Pinckney 4
8PM Ferndale vs Det. Public Safety 1 Allen Academy vs Garden City 2

Lansing Eastern:

Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
8:00 AM Sexton Lakeview 8:00 AM Beecher Pewamo 8:00 AM Northpointe Waverly
8:45 AM Pewamo Lakeview 8:45 AM Everett Ottawa Hills 8:45 AM Northpointe Beecher
9:30 AM Everett Rockford 9:30 AM Eastern WDLS 9:30 AM Athens Waverly
10:15 AM Pewamo Ottawa Hills 10:15 AM Beecher Sexton 10:15 AM Northpointe Athens
11:00 AM B. Harbor Waverly 11:00 AM Eastern Kzoo Central 11:00 AM Lakeview Everett
11:45 AM Sexton Southeastern 11:45 AM Robichaud Ottawa Hills 11:45 AM WDLS Rockford
12:30 PM U of D Rockford 12:30 PM Eastern Cass Tech 12:30 PM WDLS Muskegon
1:15 PM Kzoo Central Robichaud 1:15 PM B. Harbor Southeastern 1:15 PM Cass Tech Muskegon
2:00 PM 2:00 PM U of D Kzoo Central 2:00 PM Robichaud Southeastern
2:45 PM 2:45 PM U of D Muskegon 2:45 PM Cass Tech B. Harbor

Pre-season Class of 2017 Rankings

11 Nov

images-6The future of Michigan basketball is here.  The class of 2017 already holds two players with mid and high major offers, Brian Bowen and Jermaine Jackson, but overall, the class is loaded with talent.  From the Motor City, all the way to the western part of the state, Michigan’s incoming freshmen are ready to start their high school careers off with a force this upcoming season.

1. Brain Bowen 6’5″ SF Saginaw Arthur Hill

2. Jermaine Jackson 5’6″ PG Mt. Clemens

3. William Weems 6’7″ SF Detroit Western

4.  Xavier Tillman 6’5″ SF Forest Hills Central

5. Donatus Eke 6’9″ C University of Detroit Jesuit

6. Armonee Felder 5’9″ PG Detroit Pershing

7. Donnie Tillman 6’5″ SF Detroit Cass Tech

8. Jack Ballantyne 6’5″ SF Warren De La Salle

9. Brock Washington 6’3″ SG Southfield Christian

10.Jaron Faulds 6’8″ PF Holt

11. Isaiah Livers 6’5″ SF Kalamazoo Central

12. Qua Southward 5’9″ PG Saginaw High School

13. Christian Rodriguez 5’8″ PG Wyoming Godwin Heights

14. Dylan Anderson 6’3″ combo guard Davidson

15. Elijah Smith 6’5″ SF Detroit Loyola

16. Michael Gregory 6’8″ SF/PF University of Detroit Jesuit

17. Keion Epps 6’3″ guard Detroit Douglass

18. Marlin Talley 5’8″ PG Ecorse

19. Amauri Hardy 6’3″ PG Southfield

20. Evan Tebay 5’9″ SG Detroit Catholic Central

21. Ben Spiker 6’4″ guard Clarkston

22. D.J. Swift 5’6″ PG Lansing Waverly

23. Matt Beachler 6’1″ PG Lowell

24. Ross Koella 6’5″ SF Grand Haven

25. Zack Nieuwkoop 6’5″ SF Wayland

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Pre-season Class of 2016 Rankings

9 Nov

images-5Arguable one of the best classes to come out of Michigan ever, the class of 2016 is ready to make an impact on the 2013-2014 MHSAA basketball season.  The class is led by consensus number one player in 2016, Josh Jackson, however, if one word can sum up 2016 in Michigan it is depth.  The class is loaded all the way down with some of the best shooters, passers, and slashers in the state.  Interest and offers from colleges are sure to increase with this group for the upcoming season.

1. Josh Jackson 6’6″ SF Detroit Consortium

2. Cassius Winston 6’0″ PG University of Detroit Jesuit

3. Algevon Eichelberger 6’7″ PF Saginaw High School

4. Devon Daniels 6’4″ SG Kalamazoo Central

5. Corey Allen 6’1″ PG Ypsilanti

6. Kelvon Fuller 6’7″ PF Oak Park

7. Austin Davis 6’9″ Center Onstead

8. Tristan Jackson 6’2″ combo guard West Bloomfield

9. D’Angelo Hanbro 5’11” PG Romulus

10. Marlo Brown 6’5″ SF Southfield Christian

11. Brailen Neely 5’8″ PG Detroit Western International

12. James Towns 6’1″ PG Detroit Henry Ford

13. Kyle Woodruff 6’2″ PG Holly

14. Justin Turner 6’2″ combo guard Detroit Renaissance

15. Michael Peterson 6’6″ SF Rockford

16. Aquavius Burks 6’3″ SG Flint Beecher

17. Kamari Newman 6’3″ combo guard East English Village Prep

18. Shae Somers 5’9″ PG Elk Rapids

19. Kevin Mckay 6’4″ SG Warren De La Salle

20. William Deuparo 5’9″ PG Lincoln Park

21. Gage Kreski 6’3″ SG St. Ignace

22. Jalen Marin 6’2″ SG Harper Woods Chandler Park

23. Ty Groce 6’4″ SF Ypsilanti Lincoln

24. Karim Murray 6’2″ combo guard Detroit Western International

25. Billy Thomas 5’11” PG University of Detroit Jesuit

26. Cedric Lattimore 6’5″ SF East English Village Prep

27. Quinn Erway 6’2″ SG Saginaw Heritage

28. Tony Poljan 6’7″ forward Lansing Catholic Central

29. Kyree Boyton 5’9″ combo guard Detroit Western International

30. Javon Lawrence 6’5″ SF Melvindale

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Lansing Eastern 2014 Tameron Baker’s Profile

9 Nov

download• Height, Weight, and position?

6’4″, 180 lbs, combo guard

• High School, summer team and Graduation Year?

Lansing Eastern High School, Elite Nation, and 2014

• Players you try to model your game after?

Paul George and Michael Kidd Gilchrist because they both can play different positions and aren’t afraid of guarding the best player on the other team.  Both are deadly in the open court

• Important Stats

15 points and 8 assist against Owosso.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

In the 4th grade all of the 5th graders got in trouble so I had to step up and play the whole game.  We lost that game 30-33 I scored over 20 of points we had. That was the day when I realized that basketball is my dream, playing against the best players around me.

• Colleges that you would like to attend? 


• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?

GVSU, Albion, Northwood,  and Wayne State.

• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

I’m a lot taller than everyone at my position and very long and athletic making me harder to guard.  Being able to play off the ball some plays , bringing the ball up  the court running point guard, grab  the ball off a rebound and push it up the court before the defense can get back and set up, and being able to go on the block on score. I pride myself on being able to score in different ways, always changing my game so I stay unpredictable.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

Being able to play every position on the court, able to get the ball and go, stepping in and hitting the mid-range shot.  I’m always working on my dibbling and shooting the ball when I’m in the gym.

• How did the offseason go?

I was in the gym more than I ever was all my life, spending 6 hours at the gym doing workouts. I had a lot of people saying they were proud to see I was continually in the gym working.  After we lost to Everett in the first round, I went straight to the gym the next day and began working and never stopped.

• Goals for the upcoming season?

To bring Eastern back to a state power house it was years before.  Getting All Conference and winning the Conference.  But ultimately my season and all my hard work won’t mean anything if my teammates and I aren’t at the Breslin playing in and winning the state championship.

• What role do you see yourself having this year for your team?

Being the leader, I’m going to have to be able to take over some time in the game and also keep feeding my other teammates the ball to get them going.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

A player who is going to give everything I have on every play.  Someone who can play different position and also guard different positions on defense.

• What will go into your decision about choosing a college?

Fitting into the their system of playing and putting me in the best place to get better and develop into a better student-athlete.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My grandpa because he was the one who taught me how to play basketball and that nothing is ever achieved without hard work.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

Hard work and the want to win

• Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Owning my own physical training business with my degree in athletic training.                      

• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

Hard working student and funny.

• Academic Information

3.06 GPA

• Contact Information

Cell Phone : 517-449-0583




Gabriel Richard 2017 Yuri Alonte’s Profile

9 Nov

773e11150b392e7c3e993c6b20f561d6• Height, Weight, and position?

5’8, 135, PG

• High School, Summer team and Graduation Year?

Gabriel Richard, Downriver Spartans, Detroit Heat, 2017

• Players you try to model your game after?

Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller

• Important Stats

Last season averaged 18.5 ppg with 6 ast.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

Last year dropped 29 and went 8/8 from the 3 point line.

• Colleges that you would like to attend?

UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, U of D Mercy

• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?


• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

I can shoot off the dribble, good court vison, high basketball IQ, and can create shots for myself.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

I am improving my ball handling and my mid range shot.  My court vision has also improved.

• How did the offseason go?

The offseason went well.  I just came off of football season, which was great conditioning.  I started going to the weight room more often and making myself bigger.

• Goals for the upcoming season?

I  want to put my school on the map and really make an impact.

• What role do you see your self having this year for your team?

I see myself being a spot up shooter and always picking my teammates up.  I always try to make the right play.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

Coach will be getting a hard working kid who loves the game of basketball.  I’ll go out and give 110% every possession.

• What will will go into your decision about choosing a college?

Definitely how far it is from my family.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My dad because he was the first person to show me the game.  He really made me love it.  I learn all my moves from him and he always motivates me to do better.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

I want people to think of me and my team when they think of “Gabriel Richard.” I want to leave a winning tradition and really make an impact.

• Where do you see yourself in 15 years?


• Highlight Tape

Still Editing

• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

I hate frogs and love to collect shoes.

• Awards, Accomplishments, other comments?

I pride myself in working hard, dreaming big, and staying humble.

• Academic Information

3.9 GPA

• Contact Information

Twitter – @yurialonte

Instagram – @ydizzles

Pre-season Class of 2015 Rankings

4 Nov

imagesAnother talented class dominated by guards and wings in the State of Michigan.  This class was hit hard by the losses of  A.J. Turner and Trevor Manuel, who decided to go out of state to finish high school.  However, with that being said, they are plenty division one recruits as well as a few high major ones as well.  It will be interesting to see how this group of juniors progress from underclassmen to potential leaders of their respected teams.

1. Eric Davis 6’4″ PG Saginaw Arthur Hill

2. Deyonta Davis 6’8″ PF Muskegon

3. Nick Perkins 6’6″ PF Milan

4. Brad Brechting 6’9″ C Cedar Springs

5. Xavier Cochran 6’4″ wing Ann Arbor Huron

6. Jeron Rogers 6’7″ SF North Farmington

7. Jaylin Walker 6’2″ SG Romulus

8. Bakari Evelyn 6’0″ PG Southfield Christian

9. Marquel Ingram 6’2″ wing Detroit Pershing

10. Seth Dugan 6’10” C Ostego

11. Latin Davis 5’10” PG Milan

12. Josh Davis 6’4″ SG Detroit Henry Ford

13. Gerald Blackshear 6’7″ PF Mt. Clemens

14. Jaire Grayer 6’4″ SG Flint Southwestern

15. Lacey James 6’6″ wing Wayland

16. Khari Willis 5’10” PG Jackson Lumen Christi

17. Deleon Brown 6’4″ PG Grand Rapids Christian

18. Corey Redman 6’5″ wing Boyne City (Central Michigan Commit)

19. Ted McCree 6’4″ SG Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

20. Brent Hibbitts 6’5″ wing Hudsonville

21. Josh McFolley 6’0″ combo guard Mt. Clemens

22. Neshua Wise 6’3″ PG Flint Southwestern

23. Andia Marsh 6’1″ PG Taylor Kennedy

24. Michael Edwards 6’8″ PF Westland John Glenn

25. Rodney Scales 6’7″ PF Oak Park

26. Armani Lee 6’4″ wing Detroit King

27. Tanner Eubank 6’2″ SG Paw Paw

28. Rob Edwards 6’2 combo guard Detroit Cass Tech

29. Joeviar Kennedy 6’4″ wing Muskegon

30. Devin Haygood 6’6″ wing Ypsilanti Lincoln

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Ann Arbor Robert’s T.J. Robert’s Profile

4 Nov
  • Height, Weight, and position?6”0 160 SG
  • High School, Summer team and Graduation Year?Ann Arbor Pioneer. DSO Elite. 2016
  • Players you try to model your game after?Either John Wall or Austin Rivers
  • Important StatsAveraged 15 PPG, 5 RPG, and 3 APG in 2013 Fall League
  • Most memorable game in your career so far?Hitting the game winning 3 at a game during the Michigan team camp.
  • Colleges that you would like to attend?

I’ve always wanted to attend either Michigan, Michigan State or a school out west like UCLA or USC

  • Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?None so far
  • What makes you unique from other players at your position?I play very good defense and rebound very well for a guard.
  • Strengths and areas you are improving in?Right now I’m mostly focusing on improving my mid range game and finishing through contact.
  • How did the offseason go?

Very well.  I played in a lot of tournaments and also spent a good amount of time in the weight room.

  • Goals for the upcoming season?Win 15+ games in the regular season and win at least a district title.
  • What role do you see your self having this year for your team?Definitely more of a leader.
  • What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?A lot of heart. I’m going to give it my all every time I step onto the court.
  • What will will go into your decision about choosing a college?I want to go to a place where I can study what I want and enjoy it at the same time.
  • Most influential person in your life? Why?My parents, they’re always there for me and they’ve taught me how to work hard.
  • Legacy you want to leave at your school?I want to be apart of the team that won the schools second state title.
  • Where do you see yourself in 15 years?Hopefully playing basketball somewhere.
  • Highlight TapeStill working on making one
  • Fun/ interesting fact about you?I love playing golf.  Even though I’m not very good, I could play all day.
  • Awards, Accomplishments, other comments?

I was on the academic honor roll all freshman year and all of sophomore year so far

Academic Information

3.6 GPA

Contact Information


Eagles Land Big Man Nobles

2 Nov

031113_Ypsi_vs_Canton_CS-6_displayCall him a late-bloomer, but Canton 6’8″ 2014 forward Jordan Nobles can play.  Already Canton’s leading shot blocker is the school’s history with still a senior season to go, Jordan has decided to take his talents to the Eagles of Eastern Michigan University to play for coach Rob Murphy.

Nobles made a name for himself during the AAU circuit with the Michigan Warriors.  The wing forward is long and extra lanky, but he can also jump out of the gym if needed.  He is one of those unique forwards that can step out and shoot a free-throw line extended jumper, and then finish one at the rake on a defender using his left hand at the rim.  Runs the floor very well, and has improved on ball handling and adding muscle over the offseason.

“The atmosphere was great,” Nobles had to say about Eastern Michigan while on his official visit while he committed, “the players and coaches were cool, and the campus is nice.”

The Eagles, under head coach Rob Murphy, have made tremendous strides during his first two years at the helm.  A winner of two state championships while the head man at Detroit Crockett and Central, in his inaugural first season led the Eagles to the 2011-2012 MAC West division championship, and was named MAC coach of the year.

It is clear that the atmosphere surrounding EMU has changed under the new coaching staff, which has impacted recruiting for the Eagles.  “The program is very family oriented, which I like,” Jordan went onto say, “[it] is a very close knit group of guys.”  Nobles stated that he will come in as a freshman, and will be ready to make an immediate impact on the team, playing a three or wing position.

Jordan still has one year of eligibility left at Canton, and he and fellow Chiefs are ready to contend in the KLAA conference this upcoming season.

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