Interview with Jonathan Williams

23 Feb


Toledo commit and Southfield-Lathrup star Jonathan Williams has almost every offensive talent to succeed at the nest level.  One of state’s elite combo guards, Jonathan is a pure scorer.  You must have one maybe even two guys guarding him.  Because if you don’t, he could drop 30 points.  Improving as an all around ball player as he states in the interview.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and position please?

Jonathan WilliamsMy height is 6’3″ 1/2, my weight is 190 lbs, my position is combo guard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Thoughts on how the season has been going so far?

Jonathan Williams: As a whole, not too good.  We could’ve been much better but we are working on it everyday and looking forward to playing in the state tournament.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Best moments you have had this season?

Jonathan Williams: I would say playing in a hostile environment.  Like vs. Southfield High or Country Day or even Pontiac.  But the ultimate best moment I’ve had this season was the game winning pull-up vs. Troy.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What mark or impact do you think you are leaving on Lathrup being one if not the best players to come out of there?

Jonathan Williams: I would say that I’m leaving the mark as example that hard work and dedication pays off.  Everyone that knows me know that I work hard and have worked hard to get to the place that I’m at and still progressing.  Hard work makes me who I am.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How tough would you say it is being one of the state’s top combo guards, but being on a struggling team?

Jonathan Williams: Real tough.  I would say its making me an all around better player because I’m forced to do thing other than score.  It’s making me a more mature person as well I think my game is growing playing with a struggling team, whether is looks like it or not.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What made you pick Toledo to continue your basketball career?

Jonathan Williams:  Toledo was the perfect fit for me.  I loved their facilities and the players and the coaching staff made me feel like family.  They showed the most love so I felt it was only right to go where I was comfortable.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What skills are you going to bring to Toledo to help the team?

Jonathan Williams: I think I can bring scoring and leadership.  Also I think can be a decent rebounder.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Advice for you that are trying to become like you?

Jonathan Williams: To work hard on what is important to you everyday.  Keep a level head and stay humble.  And to give credit to God for blessing you and to others for helping you.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What and fun/interesting fact about you?

Jonathan Williams: I can bowl a little.  I eat a lot!  And I’m often considered to be a funny guy.

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