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Great Games January 26th-31st

26 Jan

Monday January 26th

Detroit Loyola @ Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard 7:00 PM

Tuesday January 27th

Detroit Henry Ford @ Detroit Western 7:00 PM

Ypsilanti Community @ Ann Arbor Pioneer 7:00 PM

Adrian Lenawee Christian @ Detroit Consortium 7:00 PM

Harper Woods Chandler Park @ Old Redford 7:00 PM

Hudsonville @ East Kentwood 7:00 PM

Grosse Pointe South @ Mt. Clemens 7:00 PM

Michigan Collegiate @ Southfield Bradford 7:00 PM

U of D Jesuit @ Warren De La Salle 7:30 PM

Davison @ Flint Southwestern 7:30 PM

Saginaw @ Saginaw Arthur Hill 7:30 PM

Wednesday January 28th

Detroit Community @ Detroit Edison 6:30 PM

Thursday January 29th

Rochester Hills Stoney Creek @ Auburn Hills Avondale 7:00 PM

Southfield @ Bloomfield Hills 7:00 PM

Rochester Adams @ North Farmington 7:00 PM

Friday January 30th

Detroit Cesar Chavez @ Detroit Edison 6:30 PM

Dexter @ Ann Arbor Huron 7:00 PM

Ypsilanti @ Ann Arbor Skyline 7:00 PM

Old Redford @ University Prep 7:00 PM

Plymouth @ Livonia Churchill 7:00 PM

Warren Mott @ Macomb Dakota 7:00 PM

Harper Woods Chandler Park @ Southfield Bradford 7:00 PM

Detroit Community @ Ypsilanti Arbor Prep 7:00 PM

Saturday January 31st 

Grand Rapids Union @ Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills 3:00 PM

Wayland Union @ Detroit Country Day 4:00 PM



Changes to Football Playoff Format?

7 Mar

What I like about the current playoff format, is that it allows every team to make the playoffs. Regardless of how bad or weak your conference is in terms of strength of schedule, all that matters at the end of the year is that you have no more than three losses. This current offseason, the MHSAA has come up with a new proposed format regarding the playoffs.

Instead of the current 6 wins and in procedure. Teams will be assigned into 8 divisions similar to that of what we have now, but at the beginning of the season. From then on, say for example a division three team, Orchard Lake St. Marys, defeats a division one team, Cass Tech. OLSM will receive 88 playoff points. And say if Cass Tech goes on to beat another division one team, such as Catholic Central, the Eaglets would continue to get 8 playoff points for every Cass Tech win.

The format is good for those in tough conferences. Such as the CHSL Central Division, where one year the league had three teams competing at Ford Field for state titles. In that league, the one team that always struggles is U of D Jesuit. U of D will now be thankful they are that league because of the amount of strong teams they play every year. On the flip side of the format, it does have some holes. The system has potentially to destruct weaker conference, the Detroit Public School League, where there are really only 4 teams a year that are competitive. They system also has the potentially to make scheduling for non-conference games more difficult, which is a well known commodity for the State of Michigan.

In the end, all that fans, players and coaches want in the playoffs is for the teams that deserve to be in get in. Why do you think you see so many early district playoff end up in blowouts? It is because of the strength of schedule. Think of how Cass Tech in 2011 the first year of their state championship. If they would have gotten one more loss, they would not have qualified for the playoffs. We would not have been able to see a defense hold four different teams in the playoffs to under 10 points. If a 4-5 team gets in over a 7-2, 6-3 teams who cares? All that matters in the end is that the deserving teams qualify.

Additional Info.

Teams also receive one point when a team it losses to wins a game.

Points one gets according to who they beat, Div.1 : 88 points; Div. 2: 80; Div. 3: 72; Div. 4: 64; Div. 5: 56; Div. 6: 48; Div. 7: 40; Div. 8: 32.


Interview with Demetrius Stinson of Frederick Douglass

8 Feb


Demetrius is the very reason why we should have better scouting in Detroit.  Here is a kid that had three thousand yard seasons and over 50 touchdowns in his career.  Tell me, how did he not go D1?  Stinson brings a nice combination of speed and power to the running back position.  But don’t think that he is only a runner.  Demetrius also has the ability to make you pay on special teams and catching the ball out of the backfield.  He has decided to continue his college career at Ferris State, who competes in the GLIAC.

Senior Stats: 1635 rushing yards, 598 receiving yards, 64 tackles, 1 interception, two forced fumbles, 2345 all purpose yards, 21 touchdowns.

Follow Demetrius on Twitter: @_OriginalMeech

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and position?

Demetrius Stinson: 5’11″/205, ATH (RB, DB, LB, DE, PR, KR, S, WR)

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Individual strengths?

Demetrius Stinson: I have great size, very versatile, have a combination of speed and strength, and I can make a defender miss, run around them or run through them.  As well as cover and come up and hit on the defensive side of the ball.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How would you grade your performance this previous season?

Demetrius Stinson: I would give myself a B+.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Talk a little about your recruitment process.

Demetrius Stinson: Well after my junior year, I was getting heavily recruited by every school in the Big Ten, the MAC, and a few schools in the Big East.  They were coming to the school as well as practices, then I unfortunately fractured my ankle before the season, and was not able to get to any of the school’s camps.  So my process was a little shaky and rough, but I’m glad I landed with Ferris State.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: This is a very talented class for Ferris, where do you think you rank within the class?

Demetrius Stinson: I really don’t feed into the rankings, but this a very great class.  I feel that I’m one of the best that is coming in with this class, but its great talent all across the board for this Ferris class.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you have any relationships with any players at Ferris or the incoming class?

Demetrius Stinson: Not really, but I’m getting to know everybody.  Such as one of there running backs Korey Ringer who is currently there.  And Malik Washington, Garius Coleman, Brandon Harding, and Anthony Darkangelo, who are in the incoming class, we have all been trying to get connections with each other.  As well as other commits before we attend Ferris.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What legacy do you think you left at a small school like Fred D?

Demetrius Stinson: I believe I left a huge legacy not the one I wanted to leave though.  I wanted to get the school its first ever state championship and first D1 athlete.  But that didn’t go as planned but a 3x thousand + yard rusher with over 55 TDs isn’t bad either.  Most people around the city and state tell me I’m the best player to come out of that school.  So I’m glad I could help put Fred D on the map.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Did you ever think of going to a school like Cass or King to get better attention for recruiting?

Demetrius Stinson: Both schools wanted me, and I was well respected as a player from both schools.  But once I set in at Fred D, I remained loyal to my team cause of the legacy I built there and I’ve never been the type of kid to jump ship.  At times I wish I would have but I didn’t and that’s that.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are you going to miss about playing in high school?

Demetrius Stinson: The respect that I got because I was known as one of the best players in Michigan as well as Detroit and the Midwest Region.  Now that I’m at a new level, I have to start over and make a new name for myself.  I’m also going to miss hearing players and coaches on the opposing team yelling out “Watch #7!” before every play!

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Predictions for first year at Ferris State?

Demetrius Stinson: Personally, I want to go there and play big minutes if not start as a true freshman, and be the best possible player I can as far as the team goal, to go undefeated and win a national championship.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: And lastly what is one thing most people do not know about you?

Demetrius Stinson: Ummm, that I’m a dedicated player and hard worker, and that I’m currently working with two trainers in Chris Huff with Performance 80 Training, and John Vickers at Hype Recreation Center to prepare for the next level.

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Interview with Nolan Neal

8 Feb

Nolan played for the Frederick Douglass Hurricanes in the DPS League.  He has committed to play at William Penn University in Iowa he will play offensive linemen.

Follow him on Twitter: @COA_Pilsberry53

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and school you selected?

Nolan Neal: 6’0″/ 315 lbs, and William Penn University.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Strengths you have individual?

Nolan Neal: Dominant run blocker, extremely quick off the ball for my size, active hands.  Over power opponents with upper body strength, and an anchor leader on the offensive line.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What was it like blocking for one of the most talented running backs in the city in Demetrius Stinson?

Nolan Neal: It was something very special.  We credited off of each other, he made me look good running through my hole and I made him look good rushing.  He pushed me every practice to reach my full potential, so I am thankful for playing with him for two years.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What went into choosing William Penn?

Nolan Neal: They were the only school that talked about my talent as a player on the phone.  They were very impressed with my football talent and my academic [talent] as well.  I also like that one of my close friends Mario Morris committed early to William Penn.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you have any relationships with the incoming class or any players currently at William Penn?

Nolan Neal: Yes, as of I know, there is my high school teammate Damien Hill, my former teammate Mario Morris, and I trained with William Penn player Alvin Reels.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What have you been hearing from William Penn coaches as far as playing time?

Nolan Neal: They have told me that I’m a great player and can see lots of playing time early, maybe start.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Coming from a small school like Fred. D, do you think it is harder to get noticed compared to kids at King or Cass?

Nolan Neal: Yes, absolutely.  I have won MVP at the Best of the Midwest camp, and the DPS high school football camp, and I haven’t got any big notice.  But I just use all that underrated talk for motivation.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Goals you have set for you and the team your first year on campus?

Nolan Neal: I want to get my weight down to 290, become a more dominant player, start my freshman year as ol, and beat rivals Iowa Wesley and Grand View.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: And lastly what is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Nolan Neal: I have an overall GPA of a 3.2, I want to major journalism, and when I was 12 I was adopted by my older brother, he was 25.  I have been living with him since then.  So I know what hard work and dedication can do for someone’s life.


Interview with Westland John Glenn’s Da’Mario Jones

16 Jan



Da’Mario Jones just might be the most skilled player to come out of Westland John Gleen.  He runs a low 4.4 forty, but at the same time, strong enough to go up and out muscle the defender for the ball.  The kid is an absolute playmaker.  He lined up at running back sometimes for the Rockets and was still able to make some plays.  Will complete Devin Funchess nicely when they are out on the field together.  Reminds me a little of Mario Manningham.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Take me back to this previous season, not the best of years for John Glenn, but you had a great season?  Do you still consider this season a success?

Da’Mario Jones: Not really where I wanted to be at a team standpoint, but personally, I did ok.  I still have a lot to work on.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Now, you previously committed to CMU, but changed once Michigan offered.  What was is like for you and your family the day U of M offered?

Da’Mario Jones: It was pretty crazy, we had a lot of phone calls coming when we really needed time to think about what had occurred.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Could you describe your skill set entering your first year at Michigan.  Both strengths and some weaknesses?

Da’Mario Jones: Strengths: I have long arms, a good pair of hands, and speed is the biggest asset.  Weaknesses: lack of game experience, not knowing the plays.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What was the difference for you picking Michigan over some other schools that were interested in you?

Da’Mario Jones: The coaching staff are family oriented.  It’s a world-class university as far as academics.  And they run a multiple spread which is relative to my skills as a football player.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: A lot of the recruit in the 2013 class are pretty well-recognized.  From your point of view, how much chemistry would you say you have developed with this incoming class>

Da’Mario Jones: Well I played with two of the other commits, so we all have pretty good chemistry.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are you hearing from the U of M coaching staff as far as playing time and how they are going to use you?

Da’Mario Jones: Well, they told me they play the best, so I’m going to have to compete.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Predictions for yourself and the team in 2013?

Da’Mario Jones: We may surprise this whole country with what we do in the classroom, on the the football field, and in the community.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Da’Mario Jones: Haha.  Uhh, I can dance and draw very well.

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