Interview with Zak Noor

27 Feb

IMG_0983Zak has been averaging 15 points, five assists, 4 rebounds, and three steals this season.

Here is a link to his junior year highlights.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Weight, height, and position?

Zak Noor: 6’0″, 150 lbs, point guard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Strengths you bring to a team?

Zak Noor: Strength, quickness, ball handle, penetrate to the rim very well.  Defense, shoot 3 pointer, and high IQ.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some things that you are working on as a ball player?

Zak Noor: Pull-up jump shots consistency more, and just getting better defensively always.  My pull-ups has been consistent this year though.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Besides from just skills, what else do you bring to the team?

Zak Noor: I have a good character.  I am a very hardworking and I’m coachable.  School I had a 3.6 last semester, and a 2.8 cumulative GPA.  I did bad but by the years I have improved.  ACT I got a 20.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What do you look for in a school from both a basketball and academic standpoint?

Zak Noor: For (academics) engineering or medical.  Don’t know which yet and also it doesn’t matter to me how big the size is but not to small.  Basketball, I look for a great coaching staff that will get me better and work me to the fullest and that will trust me.  Also a good facility to play in.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: So far, what schools have been contacting you?

Zak Noor: Albion, Adrian, I went to Wayne State for a game.  Denison, Concordia, Case Western.  But no offers.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Anything stand out to you about these schools/any relationships with any coaches or players at any of those schools?

Zak Noor: My old coaches out of high school played for Wayne State and Albion.  The coaches from Albion are really nice and like what I do and feel that I will help.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: When do you expect to receive some offers?

Zak Noor: Hopefully by the end of the season after I get my tape done from the season.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is an interesting fact about you?

Zak Noor: I’m really funny and like math.

Follow Zak on Twitter: @zak_noor10

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