R.I.P. Coach Anderson

20 Feb

Consortium 82 vs. Robichaud 48- I have to say, this was the most heart warming basketball game I have ever been to.  So many times in this time in this age, we here the bad things about high school sports such as illegal recruitment.  But this game showed the brighter side of high school sports.  On Saturday, the 16th of February, of the year 2012, the Consortium Cougars lost more than a coach, they lost a leader, a mentor, and a father.  From the time Al Anderson stepped in at Consortium, he has completely turned the program around.  Players like Travon Baker and Marin Mornar have all played for Coach Anderson, who not only provided them  a chance to continue their basketball careers, but to get an education.  Coach Anderson will be greatly missed, and I respect all the Consortium staff for not cancelling this game.

The Game

You could tell the Cougars wanted this one for Coach Al.  As freshman star Josh Jackson scored the first five points of the game to put the Cougars up 5-0 within the first :30 seconds of play.  The Cougars were able to extend there lead to double digits at 23-9 at the end of one.  Robichaud star Lorenzo Bonam struggled throughout most of the quarter, only scoring two points.  And things only got worse for Bonam.  With 6:45 left in the second, Bonam went up for what appeared to be a simple two handed dunk.  But on the landing, Lorenzo came down funny on his calf forcing him to depart from the game in which he never returned.  By the time that happened, momentum was swinging into the hand of Consortium.  They led 42-25 at half and by as much as 68-45 with 4:02 left in the fourth quarter.  The key to Consortium’s success was their ability to get into transition.  When you have athletic bigs such as Vince Hunter and Josh Jackson, and quick guards like Ronald Boothe, it can be deadly for any team.  Hunter finished up with 25 points and 14 rebounds.  Josh had 18 points and nine rebounds while also recording four blocks.  Ronald Boothe also chipped in with 11 points for the Cougars.

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