Muskegon Heights vs. Melvindale ABT Recap

23 Feb

Muskegon Heights 60 vs. ABT 69: Coming across the state on a friday night after a long day of school is not an easy thing to do. And that was the challenge that faced the Muskegon Heights Tigers on Friday night. Through the first part of the first quarter, it looked as if the Tigers just got off a three hour ride. Trailing 15-9 to nine after the first quarter. But it was more than just the score, it was the turnovers the Tigers committed that ABT was not able to capitalize on them. Even if your opponent is not taking advantage of your turnovers, you still shouldn’t play with fire. ABT was able to extend their lead to as many as 10 at 24-14 midway through the second. But for the remainder of the half, star forward Terron Ramsey was taken out of the game. During that time period is where Heights made their run. Trailing only by three at halftime. In the third is where things got interesting. The game got a little chippy between the two teams with bodies hitting the floor pretty hard, but that is the sport of basketball. This is the quarter where it looked like Heights might get out of here with a win. Behind star junior Aaron Sydnor, the Tigers were able to take a lead as much as 7. Everything was going in the Tigers favor. Turnovers, breaks and fouls all pointed in the direction of Muskegon. Unfortunately for the Tigers, even with Ramsey on the bench throughout the quarter, their momentum was lost. Sydnor did not have the best of quarters compared to earlier in the game. And the Gators were able to cruise to a hard fought victory.


ABT was led by sophomore guard Lavail Russell. Who led the Gators in scoring with 22 points. Ramsey, in limited minutes, contributed with 11. Claude Lewis had 7. For the Tigers, Aaron Sydnor had a remarkable 27 points in the contest. Most of them coming on three point shots. The guard showed the ability to make big time shots when his team needed it the most against the 14-1 Gators. A name to remember for sure for those of you in West Michigan.

One Response to “Muskegon Heights vs. Melvindale ABT Recap”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. February 25, 2013 at 7:07 am #

    Good coverage Steve. I feel that I am actually at the game. Maybe at some point, you can give us a final four prediction of each class for the state tournament. Also, Wayne will host playoff games. @J0#king82

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