Michigan Warrior Jam Fest Day Three Recap

4 May

IMG_0525Champions were crowned, and names were made.

Tre Orr 6’8″ forward Michigan Playmakers 16u-

At times, Orr looked like the best player in the gym even while sharing the paint with Brandon Johns.  Tre single-handedly carried his team in the championship game, scoring nearly 1/2 of the Playmakers’ 42 points with 20 overall in addition to 12 rebounds.  He’s improved drastically in just a short month of games, and only started playing organized basketball three years ago.  Orr is starting to develop of nice feel down low, he’s not getting his shot blocked anymore, using pump-fakes and his wide-frame to clear space and finish softly on either side of the rim.  Continuing to polish up his vertical and lateral abilities.  His defense is also starting to improve.  Defends without fouling, double-teamed Johns well off-catches, and challenged shots, nearly taking a few charges.

Richard Talley 5’11” guard Michigan Playmakers 17u-

If there was a defensive player of the tournament award, Talley would get the nod.  Few to none applied better consistent on-ball full-court pressure than Rich on the weekend.  At times, Talley simply ripped the ball from opponents,  In the championship game, he stole three passes in less than two minutes.  He also converted various fast-break lay-ups, and displayed a surprising amount of bounce for a guard his size.  In the half-court, Talley blew by defenders with either hand, and created opportunities for his teammates to score in the paint.  His ability to run the point compared to his high school responsibility of off-ball role should call for college interest.

Reese Middleton 6’3″ guard Triple-Threat 16u-

Reese saved his best performance for the championship game.  Middleton found a rhythm early from beyond the arch and let it go, connecting on multiple spot-up threes from downtown in both halves.

Other standouts:

Juan Warren 6’5″ forward Triple-Threat 16u- Warren took home MVP honors for Triple-Threat, as the Battle Creek product was Mr. Glue for the 16u champs.  Crashing the boards, getting 50-50 balls, and providing an overall sense of energy.  Solid athlete that appears to still be growing.

Colyn Waldron 6’0″ guard Michigan Playmakers 17u- Found himself a nice stroke in the tournament, as he hit medium-range jumpers consistently and even a few threes.

Eric Williams 6’1″ guard Michigan Playmakers 16u- With Williams, he might lull you to sleep a few games, and then he’ll have a series or a game that makes you take notice of his potential.  If he’s playing confident, Eric will score, 12 off the bench in the championship game.  Can create his own shot with his dominant left-hand, score in the mid-range, and even pulled off an impressive offense tip-in against a taller Triple-Threat front-line.  Give him some time under George Ward and he will be a new player by the Fall.

Antwan Johnson 6’5″ forward Michigan Playmakers 17u- This was Johnson’s weekend.  Absolutely dominated the interior for boards, layups, and blocks.  Even hit a jumper here-and-there for a more athletically gifted player.

A huge thanks to Rockey Black and the entire Michigan Warrior organization on a professionally ran event.

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