Oak Park Senior Justin Knight Commits To Siena Heights

3 May

IMG_0981When did you know Siena Heights was right for you?

I knew Siena Heights was right for me as soon as I left their campus from my visit.

What do you like about the campus?

Yes I visited the campus, I liked how the environment was small and easy to adapt too.

What is your relationship with the coaches like?

My relationship with the coaches is very good, they plan on using me for my pass-first mentality and ability to shoot the ball.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

As a player I believe I distribute the ball to my teammates and knock down open shots when needed.

What were some other schools looking at you and what was different about Siena Heights?

Other schools that showed interest were Kalamazoo College, Cornell College, Southwest Oregon CC, Sinclair CC, Illinois Tech University, and Concordia University.  The difference between them and Siena is the relationship with the coaches I talked with Coach Case very often, he told me good luck before my big games in my high school season.  I liked that.

How was this past season for you?

This past high school season was bittersweet. I feel like I stepped up this year, making a name for myself but then again wish I had a little more time to go farther in the playoffs.

What do you have to say for your entire high school career?

I feel like I really grew throughout my whole high school career. Gaining a better knowledge for the game and getting myself ready for the next level.

What do you plan to study?

Education wise I plan on majoring in sports management or physical education so if I don’t play basketball anymore I can still be around the game.

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