Alabama Offers East Lansing Freshman Brandon Johns

9 May

B9317090312Z.1_20150423113347_000_GVKAJAKIM.1-0Brandon Johns is quite different from a typical freshman.  Not only does he stand 6’7,” or play varsity basketball, but the East Lansing ninth grader received a collegiate basketball scholarship from the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“It feels great,” Johns said of his offer.  “It’s a feeling I have never had before.”

Alabama will be under the direction of first year head coach Avery Johnson this upcoming campaign.  Johnson is most known for his time spent as an NBA head coach in the 2000s, guiding the Dallas Mavericks to the 2006 finals.  However, Coach Johnson was a point guard for the 1999 San Antonio Spurs championship team.

“I started hearing about them (Alabama) about a couple weeks ago, but I never thought this (an offer) would happen,” Johns added.  “And it was such a great experience to get to talk to him (Avery Johnson) and to hear how he got to where he is at now.”

A versatile skilled inside-outside forward, Johns has been recognized since the eighth grade.  He’s been invited to many of the top underclassmen camps in the country, including the Team USA mini-camp in Colorado.  Colleges such as Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Stanford have all expressed interest in Brandon.  Coaches on the next-level tell him they admire his upside, athleticism, and ability to play multiple positions on the floor.

“They (schools) say I’m very good at all positions,” Johns notes.   “And I should work on a few things but if I keep working at the pace I’m at then I won’t have a problem fitting in at the next level.”

With scholarships and interests comes notoriety.  Johns will likely receive the absolute best of his opponents each time he steps on the floor, instead of brushing off the fame, Johns embraces the bright lights.  It’s material he will use to only strengthen his game as time goes on.

“I like it (fame) but I don’t let it get to my head or over my head to where I just want to settle,” said Johns.  “It pushes me to see how farther I can get.”


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