Gabriel Richard 2017 Yuri Alonte’s Profile

9 Nov

773e11150b392e7c3e993c6b20f561d6• Height, Weight, and position?

5’8, 135, PG

• High School, Summer team and Graduation Year?

Gabriel Richard, Downriver Spartans, Detroit Heat, 2017

• Players you try to model your game after?

Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller

• Important Stats

Last season averaged 18.5 ppg with 6 ast.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

Last year dropped 29 and went 8/8 from the 3 point line.

• Colleges that you would like to attend?

UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, U of D Mercy

• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?


• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

I can shoot off the dribble, good court vison, high basketball IQ, and can create shots for myself.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

I am improving my ball handling and my mid range shot.  My court vision has also improved.

• How did the offseason go?

The offseason went well.  I just came off of football season, which was great conditioning.  I started going to the weight room more often and making myself bigger.

• Goals for the upcoming season?

I  want to put my school on the map and really make an impact.

• What role do you see your self having this year for your team?

I see myself being a spot up shooter and always picking my teammates up.  I always try to make the right play.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

Coach will be getting a hard working kid who loves the game of basketball.  I’ll go out and give 110% every possession.

• What will will go into your decision about choosing a college?

Definitely how far it is from my family.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My dad because he was the first person to show me the game.  He really made me love it.  I learn all my moves from him and he always motivates me to do better.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

I want people to think of me and my team when they think of “Gabriel Richard.” I want to leave a winning tradition and really make an impact.

• Where do you see yourself in 15 years?


• Highlight Tape

Still Editing

• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

I hate frogs and love to collect shoes.

• Awards, Accomplishments, other comments?

I pride myself in working hard, dreaming big, and staying humble.

• Academic Information

3.9 GPA

• Contact Information

Twitter – @yurialonte

Instagram – @ydizzles

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