Lansing Eastern 2014 Tameron Baker’s Profile

9 Nov

download• Height, Weight, and position?

6’4″, 180 lbs, combo guard

• High School, summer team and Graduation Year?

Lansing Eastern High School, Elite Nation, and 2014

• Players you try to model your game after?

Paul George and Michael Kidd Gilchrist because they both can play different positions and aren’t afraid of guarding the best player on the other team.  Both are deadly in the open court

• Important Stats

15 points and 8 assist against Owosso.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

In the 4th grade all of the 5th graders got in trouble so I had to step up and play the whole game.  We lost that game 30-33 I scored over 20 of points we had. That was the day when I realized that basketball is my dream, playing against the best players around me.

• Colleges that you would like to attend? 


• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?

GVSU, Albion, Northwood,  and Wayne State.

• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

I’m a lot taller than everyone at my position and very long and athletic making me harder to guard.  Being able to play off the ball some plays , bringing the ball up  the court running point guard, grab  the ball off a rebound and push it up the court before the defense can get back and set up, and being able to go on the block on score. I pride myself on being able to score in different ways, always changing my game so I stay unpredictable.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

Being able to play every position on the court, able to get the ball and go, stepping in and hitting the mid-range shot.  I’m always working on my dibbling and shooting the ball when I’m in the gym.

• How did the offseason go?

I was in the gym more than I ever was all my life, spending 6 hours at the gym doing workouts. I had a lot of people saying they were proud to see I was continually in the gym working.  After we lost to Everett in the first round, I went straight to the gym the next day and began working and never stopped.

• Goals for the upcoming season?

To bring Eastern back to a state power house it was years before.  Getting All Conference and winning the Conference.  But ultimately my season and all my hard work won’t mean anything if my teammates and I aren’t at the Breslin playing in and winning the state championship.

• What role do you see yourself having this year for your team?

Being the leader, I’m going to have to be able to take over some time in the game and also keep feeding my other teammates the ball to get them going.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

A player who is going to give everything I have on every play.  Someone who can play different position and also guard different positions on defense.

• What will go into your decision about choosing a college?

Fitting into the their system of playing and putting me in the best place to get better and develop into a better student-athlete.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My grandpa because he was the one who taught me how to play basketball and that nothing is ever achieved without hard work.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

Hard work and the want to win

• Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Owning my own physical training business with my degree in athletic training.                      

• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

Hard working student and funny.

• Academic Information

3.06 GPA

• Contact Information

Cell Phone : 517-449-0583




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