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Interview with Janeau Joubert of Ypsilanti

16 Jun

janeau-joubert-ypsilanti-boys-basketball-031113Janeau, the nephew of former Southwestern Prospector and Michigan Wolverine, Antoine Joubert, is  a 6’0″, 155 pound, point guard who attends Ypsilanti High School, and competes for Dorian’s Pride in the AAU circuit.  Joubert averaged 13 points, five assists, two rebounds, and one steal a game last for the Phoenix, good enough for All-Conference [Southeastern], and All-Area.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some athletes you model your game after?

Janeau Joubert: I think I model it between Jason Kidd and Steph Curry.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are skills and some intangibles you have as a basketball player?

Janeau Joubert: Good ball handler, can hit the open shot, see the floor well, and can run a team.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some areas of your game that are up and coming?

Janeau Joubert: Shooting off the dribble, and finishing in crowds.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How has AAU been going and what are some goals you have set for the team and yourself?

Janeau Joubert: To win every tournament we play in, and to try and get nationally ranked.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How much an impact does your uncle, Antoine, have on you both as a player and a person?

Janeau Joubert: A huge impact, he teaches me things about the game and also shows me how I should act off the court.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some schools that are looking at you right now?

Janeau Joubert: Toledo, U of D, Kent State, NIU, Central [Michigan], Drake, Cleveland State, Penn, Robert Morris.  And I plan to visit all of them too.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: For you, what are some attributes you look for in a school?

Janeau Joubert: Just how they treat the basketball players, they have good academics.  Also their style of play.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will a team/coach in college be getting out of a player like you?

Janeau Joubert: A great leader, teammate, player, and a student athlete.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What makes you unique as a point guard?  What separates you from the rest of the competition?

Janeau Joubert: I’m a true point guard, and I know when to pass and when to shoot, and it doesn’t bother me to score six points and when everybody else is in double figures.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Expectations for next high school season?

Janeau Joubert: As a team to win states, and individually to make All-State

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

Janeau Joubert: Many people don’t know I ride horses, and I have four of them.

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Interview with Ypsilanti’s Jaylen Johnson

16 Dec

Jaylen is a six foot nine skilled big man, who can hit a open jumper from the elbow, as well as show off his athleticism for dunks.

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