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Interview with Algevon Eichelberger

27 Jul

It is easy to forget elite players in Michigan’s class of 2016 when they are overshadowed by a top ten nationally ranked player.  However, nobody should ever overlook Saginaw 6’6″ forward Algevon Eichelberger.  Algevon took the state by surprise last year by becoming one of the best shot blockers in Michigan, as a freshman.  Eichelberger has nice footwork and techniques that are unfamiliar for most big men and low post players at such a young age.  He is the definition of a blue collar worker, fighting for rebounds on both sides of the ball until he hears a whistle or has the it.  On the offensive side of the ball, Algevon in AAU has shown soft hands, and improving mobility compared to the high school season.  2-3 more inches in growth would do wonders for Eichelberger and make him a national prospect by the time senior year comes along.

Interview with Janeau Joubert of Ypsilanti

16 Jun

janeau-joubert-ypsilanti-boys-basketball-031113Janeau, the nephew of former Southwestern Prospector and Michigan Wolverine, Antoine Joubert, is  a 6’0″, 155 pound, point guard who attends Ypsilanti High School, and competes for Dorian’s Pride in the AAU circuit.  Joubert averaged 13 points, five assists, two rebounds, and one steal a game last for the Phoenix, good enough for All-Conference [Southeastern], and All-Area.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some athletes you model your game after?

Janeau Joubert: I think I model it between Jason Kidd and Steph Curry.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are skills and some intangibles you have as a basketball player?

Janeau Joubert: Good ball handler, can hit the open shot, see the floor well, and can run a team.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some areas of your game that are up and coming?

Janeau Joubert: Shooting off the dribble, and finishing in crowds.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How has AAU been going and what are some goals you have set for the team and yourself?

Janeau Joubert: To win every tournament we play in, and to try and get nationally ranked.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How much an impact does your uncle, Antoine, have on you both as a player and a person?

Janeau Joubert: A huge impact, he teaches me things about the game and also shows me how I should act off the court.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some schools that are looking at you right now?

Janeau Joubert: Toledo, U of D, Kent State, NIU, Central [Michigan], Drake, Cleveland State, Penn, Robert Morris.  And I plan to visit all of them too.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: For you, what are some attributes you look for in a school?

Janeau Joubert: Just how they treat the basketball players, they have good academics.  Also their style of play.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will a team/coach in college be getting out of a player like you?

Janeau Joubert: A great leader, teammate, player, and a student athlete.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What makes you unique as a point guard?  What separates you from the rest of the competition?

Janeau Joubert: I’m a true point guard, and I know when to pass and when to shoot, and it doesn’t bother me to score six points and when everybody else is in double figures.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Expectations for next high school season?

Janeau Joubert: As a team to win states, and individually to make All-State

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

Janeau Joubert: Many people don’t know I ride horses, and I have four of them.

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Kyle Kuzma of Rise Academy

2 May


Flint born Kyle Kuzma is emerging as one of the state’s top players but the funny thing is that Kyle does not attend school in Michigan, Kyle attends Rise Academy in Philadelphia (PA).  With that being said however, Kuzma still does play for one of Michigan elite basketball AAU teams, Dorians Pride.  Kuzma is a good combination of size and length with a jump shot that has a soft touch.  Also has good moves to take defenders of the dribble and finish at the rim.  Working on ball handling will a key for him this summer.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: List name, height, weight, position, AAU team and school team?

Kyle Kuzma: Kyle Kuzma, 6’8″, 200 lbs, wing, Dorians Pride, and Rise Academy.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some athletes that inspire your game?

Kyle Kuzma: I try to trace my game as Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some skills you have as a basketball player and some up and coming areas of your game?

Kyle Kuzma: Some skills I have: being a good shooter, good court vision, great basketball IQ, rebounding.  Up and coming: defense has picked up, and working on my ball handling.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How would you say your high school season went this year?

Kyle Kuzma: Went really well.  Averaged about 15 [points], and 8 [rebounds].  Helped my team win a lot.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will be some keys to this AAU season to be sure scouts see the total package of your game?

Kyle Kuzma: Just to stay healthy, keep playing consistently, and just show coaches what I’m capable of doing.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What can scouts expect out of you and Dorians Pride this summer?

Kyle Kuzma: That when I’m on the court I will do whatever it takes to win and produce.  Whether it’s points rebounds etc.  And you can expect Dorians pride to be in the championship game of most tournaments every weekend.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Now what are some schools that have offered or showed interest in you?

Kyle Kuzma:  Offered: Manhattan, Detroit, Oakland, Tennessee Tech, Bradley, Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, UC Irvine, Rhode Island, Utah, and Texas A&M.  Interest:  Missouri, VCU, Villanova, St. Johns, Boston College, USC, UAB, Iowa, and Cincinnati.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some dream schools to you?

Kyle Kuzma: Don’t really have one.  But I really like how Michigan plays.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some things you want out of a school that will go into your decision?

Kyle Kuzma: Being able to contribute as a freshman, a coaching staff that’s going to help me get to the next level, and a good education.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will a coach be getting not only out of your skills, but also your intangibles?

Kyle Kuzma: He will be getting a good basketball IQ, solid defense and rebounding, and good leadership skills while I’m on the court.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Why should a coach take you over a similar skilled athlete?

Kyle Kuzma: Because I can out smart opposite players, and some maybe be more talented than me but won’t outwork me.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Goals for the AAU circuit and off-season?

Kyle Kuzma:  AAU: wins as many tournaments as we can.  And off-season goals are to get better and put some more weight.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What can fans and scouts expect out of you in the upcoming months?

Kyle Kuzma: More muscles added to my body and production on the court.

Metro Detroit High School Athleics: What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

Kyle Kuzma: That I’m a very out going person.  And I play a lot of video game!

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Player Feature: De La Salle’s A.J. Turner

29 Apr


Currently holding over 15 Division One offers as of now, Warren De La Salle 6’7″ wing A.J. Turner has established himself as one the most coveted prospects in the State of Michigan.  A.J.’s combination of size and length makes him a matchup nightmare on both sides of the court.  “Versatility is the best part of my game,” said Turner, “The fact that I can play three positions something that comes in handy.” With the rise of tall big men that can run the point like Kevin Durant in the NBA, and Otto Porter at Georgetown, A.J. looks to be right at home with similar skilled athletes.  Turner is a quality jump shooter with a fluid high arching release that has good rotation on the ball.  A.J. with his height to look over the defenders when passing, always seems to find the open man in the right spot to score the ball.  Was also the jump ball man for De La Salle this year even though he was a guard.

With no set decision time for Turner to decide on a school, this will be a quite interesting summer for Turner.  His AAU team Dorians pride is one of the best in Michigan.  The team almost every weekend travels outside of the state to attend some of the nation’s elite tournaments.  But that is not to say that A.J. will pick just any major program that comes to offer.  Turner is looking for a school that “develops players, fits my style of play, one that I can go to and play right away, and of course I would like to play in the NCAA Tournament wherever I go.

The one player that A.J. reminds me of is a Michael Carter-Williams, both are long lanky combo guards that can score and defend the ball.  When asked about the comparison,  A.J. did acknowledge that there are some similarities, “We both are very tall and are able to play the point guard position,” and “we both make great decisions with the ball.”  A.J. will look to improve upon “being able to defend all positions” this summer, to go along with at times this season being reluctant to score the ball.  He is a great player that needs to score the ball.  Whether it is with the jump shot or getting to the lane, coaches want a kid they can put the ball in the hands of and let them go to work.  But the main thing is that he is a team player that wants to get everybody on the court and lead them to a victory.

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