Changes to Football Playoff Format?

7 Mar

What I like about the current playoff format, is that it allows every team to make the playoffs. Regardless of how bad or weak your conference is in terms of strength of schedule, all that matters at the end of the year is that you have no more than three losses. This current offseason, the MHSAA has come up with a new proposed format regarding the playoffs.

Instead of the current 6 wins and in procedure. Teams will be assigned into 8 divisions similar to that of what we have now, but at the beginning of the season. From then on, say for example a division three team, Orchard Lake St. Marys, defeats a division one team, Cass Tech. OLSM will receive 88 playoff points. And say if Cass Tech goes on to beat another division one team, such as Catholic Central, the Eaglets would continue to get 8 playoff points for every Cass Tech win.

The format is good for those in tough conferences. Such as the CHSL Central Division, where one year the league had three teams competing at Ford Field for state titles. In that league, the one team that always struggles is U of D Jesuit. U of D will now be thankful they are that league because of the amount of strong teams they play every year. On the flip side of the format, it does have some holes. The system has potentially to destruct weaker conference, the Detroit Public School League, where there are really only 4 teams a year that are competitive. They system also has the potentially to make scheduling for non-conference games more difficult, which is a well known commodity for the State of Michigan.

In the end, all that fans, players and coaches want in the playoffs is for the teams that deserve to be in get in. Why do you think you see so many early district playoff end up in blowouts? It is because of the strength of schedule. Think of how Cass Tech in 2011 the first year of their state championship. If they would have gotten one more loss, they would not have qualified for the playoffs. We would not have been able to see a defense hold four different teams in the playoffs to under 10 points. If a 4-5 team gets in over a 7-2, 6-3 teams who cares? All that matters in the end is that the deserving teams qualify.

Additional Info.

Teams also receive one point when a team it losses to wins a game.

Points one gets according to who they beat, Div.1 : 88 points; Div. 2: 80; Div. 3: 72; Div. 4: 64; Div. 5: 56; Div. 6: 48; Div. 7: 40; Div. 8: 32.


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