Interview with Nolan Neal

8 Feb

Nolan played for the Frederick Douglass Hurricanes in the DPS League.  He has committed to play at William Penn University in Iowa he will play offensive linemen.

Follow him on Twitter: @COA_Pilsberry53

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and school you selected?

Nolan Neal: 6’0″/ 315 lbs, and William Penn University.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Strengths you have individual?

Nolan Neal: Dominant run blocker, extremely quick off the ball for my size, active hands.  Over power opponents with upper body strength, and an anchor leader on the offensive line.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What was it like blocking for one of the most talented running backs in the city in Demetrius Stinson?

Nolan Neal: It was something very special.  We credited off of each other, he made me look good running through my hole and I made him look good rushing.  He pushed me every practice to reach my full potential, so I am thankful for playing with him for two years.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What went into choosing William Penn?

Nolan Neal: They were the only school that talked about my talent as a player on the phone.  They were very impressed with my football talent and my academic [talent] as well.  I also like that one of my close friends Mario Morris committed early to William Penn.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you have any relationships with the incoming class or any players currently at William Penn?

Nolan Neal: Yes, as of I know, there is my high school teammate Damien Hill, my former teammate Mario Morris, and I trained with William Penn player Alvin Reels.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What have you been hearing from William Penn coaches as far as playing time?

Nolan Neal: They have told me that I’m a great player and can see lots of playing time early, maybe start.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Coming from a small school like Fred. D, do you think it is harder to get noticed compared to kids at King or Cass?

Nolan Neal: Yes, absolutely.  I have won MVP at the Best of the Midwest camp, and the DPS high school football camp, and I haven’t got any big notice.  But I just use all that underrated talk for motivation.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Goals you have set for you and the team your first year on campus?

Nolan Neal: I want to get my weight down to 290, become a more dominant player, start my freshman year as ol, and beat rivals Iowa Wesley and Grand View.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: And lastly what is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Nolan Neal: I have an overall GPA of a 3.2, I want to major journalism, and when I was 12 I was adopted by my older brother, he was 25.  I have been living with him since then.  So I know what hard work and dedication can do for someone’s life.


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