Mayor’s Pre-season Class C Rankings

1 Dec

Beecher reigned supreme in 2015.

Beecher reigned supreme in 2015.

Will Beecher make it four in five years?  Or will the Bucs be de-throned from Class C supremacy?

1. Beecher– By far Class C’s most dominant team in the past four years with three state crowns.  Despite the Bucs’ dominance in Class C, Beecher has proved able to take-down larger schools.  Only preparing them for the real season of March.

Key players: 5’7″ junior point guard Malik Ellison, 5’10” junior point guard Jordan Roland, 6’7″ junior forward Levane Blake, 6’4″ senior forward Qua Burks.

2. Monroe St. Mary- St. Mary now transitions to life without Bryce Windham.  The Falcons fell one game short of the Breslin Center appearance one season ago, but have the talent and road map to reach the final weekend of the season.

Key players- 6’4″ senior wing Stephan Umfress, 6’7″ junior forward Nick Welch, 6’6″ sophomore forward Wyatt O’Brian, 6’2″ senior guard Hunter Coombe, 6’1″ senior guard Drew Sconochia, 6’3″ senior guard Bradley Shinnevarre.

3. Detroit Allen Academy- Talent is not the question, but must gel as a cohesive unit, particularly on the defensive end of the floor.  Combination of both size and speed makes the Wildcats tough to contain.

Key players- 6’0″ senior guard Jason Williams, 6’8″ senior forward Danny Pippen, 6’5″ senior forward Jayvaun Flake, 6’2″ junior guard Drequan Bell, 6’3″ junior guard Jawan Snoody, 5’10” freshman point guard Mark Watts.

4. Detroit Loyola- P.J. Mitchell was able to ease into his high school career a season ago behind a solid group of senior leaders.  This year will be the Mitchell show, and the Bulldogs will go as far as the Central Michigan commit takes them.

Key players- 5’10” senior combo guard Dequan Powell, 5’11” senior guard Romari Ennis 6’0″ junior forward Jaylen Hill, 5’8″ sophomore point guard Dequan Powell, 6’2″ sophomore forward Keith Johnson.

5. Southfield Christian- The Eagles adjusted to Class C after a three year reign in Class D.  Backcourt, check.  Bigs, not so much.

Key players- 6’4″ senior wing Marlo Brown, 5’8″ senior guard Jalen Bouldes, 5’11” senior guard Richard Faegin, 6’4″ junior wing Brock Washington, 6’3″ junior wing Trenton Temple, 6’4″ sophomore wing Bryce Washington.

6. Detroit Edison- Edison exceeded expectation one season ago winning a district championship.  Despite just one experienced senior on the roster, the Pioneers are a mixture of talented youth, and accepting role players.

Key players- 5’9″ senior guard KaLeif Gaines, 6’7″ junior forward Will Weems, 6’3″ junior guard Jamal Keese, 6’6″ sophomore forward Deante Johnson, 6’2″ sophomore point guard David DeJulius, 6’5″ freshman forward Dreyon O’Neil..

7. Detroit Cornerstone- The Wolves will be state playoff eligible this season.  Led by a top 100 junior prospect in the nation, Cornerstone is yet another Detroit team with a realistic possibility to play at the Breslin Center.

Key players- 5’10” senior point guard James Burton, 6’3″ senior forward Deijoun Ingram-Lawrence, 6’0″ junior guard Davion Bradford, 6’6″ junior forward Jamal Cain, 6’5″ junior forward Ethan Dixon.

8. Ypsilanti Arbor Prep– New coach Cliff Davis inherits an experienced district championship team.  With size, depth, and transfers on the way, the Gators are a force to be taken seriously this Winter.

Key players- 6’8″ senior forward Kyle Hayes, 6’7″ senior forward David Walker, 6’2″ senior guard Adrian Harrison, 6’0″ junior guard Kody Freeman, 5’10” junior point guard Garrett Gardette.

9. Detroit Pershing– Pershing has five state champions, none of which are from Class C.  The Doughboys will be tested through the gauntlet which is the Detroit Public Schools League, only then readied for a district with four teams in the pre-season top ten.

Key players- 6’6″ senior forward David Syfax, 6’7″ senior forward Charles Manson, 5’10” senior guard Troy Campbell, 6’0″ junior guard Patrick Hatcher, 6’0″ sophomore combo guard Ron Hill.

10. Hanover-Horton- Despite a crushing defeat to eventually champion Beecher in the semi-finals, Horton won 25 games, and will be a force in the southern portion of Michigan.

Key players- 6’5″ senior forward Preston Laketa.

11. NorthPointe Christian- Lost a significant portion of scoring, rebounding, and leadership due to graduation, but someone has to represent the westside of the state.

Key players- 6’5″ senior guard Tyler Baker

12. Muskegon Heights- Overshadowed by the large Class A Muskegon, Muskegon Heights has been a respectable program since the turn of the century.  Although the Tigers failed to capture a district championship last season for the first time since 1999, Heights usually one way or not finds themselves in contention for a spot at the Breslin Center come March.

Key players- 6’5″ sophomore forward Keishon Watson.

13. Ferndale University- The Eagles have no household names, but won 14 games a campaign ago.  Backcourt will be strength led by two veteran guards.

Key players- 6’9″ senior forward Chemar Greenfield, 6’3″ senior point guard Gehringer Ramirez, 6’1″ combo guard Justin Penn.

14. Melvindale ABT- Despite an average record, the Gators still managed a district championship.

Key players- 6’6″ junior forward Elijah Smith.

15. Riverview Gabriel Richard- The Pioneers are favored to win the C-D division in the Catholic League, with the possibility for more in March.

Key players- 6’4″ senior forward Jake Lipetzky, 6’0″ junior point guard Anthony Brown.



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