Final Standouts From Fort Wayne

29 Jul

Cassius Winston 6’0″ point guard 17u The Family-

After an uncharacteristic Winston-esque performance throughout the tournament, Cassius saved his best for Sunday; 35 total points in the championship game.  It was too much Cassius for the Spiece Indy Heat and Florida State bound guard C.J. Walker to handle, as Winston was at the center of a Family second-half charge which put the Spiece team down.  Whatever Winston wanted he got, mid-range pull-ups, threes off the bounce, attacking the basket, Cassius could not be stopped.

Amauri Hardy 6’2″ off-guard 17u The Family- 

Big weekend for Amauri Hardy, who has played up one age level since April.  When Hardy keeps his game simple, he can be as good as any guard in Michigan’s ’17 class and the midwest.  When Amauri gets you on his hip, with a full-burst of speed going left, good luck.  Because he is going to finish strong at the basket and live at the free-throw line if he doesn’t.  When he rebounds the ball at a high-level which he did, Hardy was a one man fast-break repeatedly.  Already with a college level body and frame, if Hardy continues to work on his right hand a little more and finds a reliable perimeter jumper, Amauri will have a big season for Southfield.

Tre Harvey 5’10” off-guard 15u Michigan Warriors-

Harvey put on a show in each Warrior game on championship Sunday, raining in three after three in the two games.  His highest scoring game was 25, and multiple three-pointers in the process.  Tre’s form is a bit of wind-up and unorthodox, but the end result cannot be argued when he was left open.  Harvey is a guard that will be gradually progressed through the ranks this upcoming varsity season at West Bloomfield on both ends.  And next Spring/Summer Tre will shine.

Kaevon Merriweather 6’1″ point guard 16u Michigan Warriors-

Physically does not look like a freshman.  Broad shoulders, power athlete, and fast, Merriweather is the next guard up at Romulus.  His best attribute right now is as a disrupter on defense.  He comes away with steals, tips, and deflections because he understands how to react against screens and picks, which become easy offense.  He’s still developing into a pure point guard and passer with reads and vision, but did show signs of growth in Fort Wayne.

One Response to “Final Standouts From Fort Wayne”

  1. Joseph Frye August 6, 2015 at 8:20 pm #

    As the summer comes to a close, the standouts have flourished. It should be a competitive year within their respective league. Steve keep putting out the stats and premiere athletes. Good luck and much success as move into the new school year. It,s been fun. Big Joe

    Looking for carlos and you on the gridiron!

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