Day Three Standouts for the 2015 GRBA Nationals

27 Jul

Elijah Collins 6’0″ off-guard The Family 15u-

Collins is known for defense.  With a strong build, high-major athleticism, and quickness, Eli is a lockdown perimeter defender guarding both guard positions, causing opponents to catch the ball in uncomfortable positions, and even one day on the tournament guarded a 6’8″ player as effectively he could due to awareness and positioning.  His offensive game has been a work in progress the past couple of months.  Collins attacked the basket aggressively and finished open-court lay-ups in transition.  Although he isn’t a point guard by definition with the ball in his hands routinely, he’s a point guard off-the ball.  Directing players where they are supposed to be and when he gets the ball it doesn’t become stagnant.

Romeo Weems 6’4″ wing The Family 15u-

The Family brought up a few players that had just recently played at a national tournament in Florida; which Weems participated in.  Weems is a power wing in the making; big build, broad shoulders, nice frame.  But The Family played him more as a four on the weekend; and he was effective.  A true stat-sheet stuffer, Weems aside from scoring, blocked shots, rebounded, and came away with steals on the perimeter.  His greatest impact on one game was locking down a fellow 2019 that had absolutely destroyed other teams; not on Weems’ watch.  Romeo played very well of The Family’s talented guards; positioned himself well for dump-ins or backdoored his man to the basket.  Roemo’s offensive game should be one to watch this upcoming season at Country Day.

C.J. Wilson 5’10” point guard The Family 16u-

Wilson’s Twitter name might be Mr. PG, but his defense is rated R.  Wilson covers great amounts of ground for The Family due to lateral speed, agility, and quickness.  He has a knack for speeding the offense up and disrupting timing.  Ball-handlers cannot be lazy around him; it will be a turnover.  Wilson also showed signs of life on the offensive end.  He hit some three-point shots at times, and attacked gaps to the basket.

Logan Ryan 6’7″ forward Michigan Warriors 17u-

Logan finally put together one weekend that the Warriors, college coaches, and scouts had finally waited for.  He continuously made big-shot after big-shot on bracket play Saturday.  One game winning three with 26 seconds, and scoring key baskets down the stretch in on overtime victory for the Warriors. He’s not a back-to-the basket type player just yet, although he did show some signs of growth on that area, however, his 18-20 feet jump shot was nearly automatic on the weekend.  Either spotting-up or flashing to the middle of the court, it was hard to contest one of his shots.  He can also run the floor, and is solid passer as a forward.  The one glaring issue with Logan is his frame.  He has the length, but will need to add at least 25-40 pounds at the next level to continuously battle larger defenders on defense and for rebounds.

Riley Lewis 5’10” off-guard Triple-Threat 17u-

A flat out scorer from anywhere on the court.  Lewis is slithery and energetic with the ball, and can create his own shot off-the bounce.  Very good driver to the basket, uses first step and protects the ball well when in traffic.  Lewis is worth a look for small schools that want a 5’10” guard that easily finish a game with 30.

Daijon Parker 6’5″ forward Michigan Warriors 16u-

Daijon Parker is an unknown prospect from Westland John Glenn.  When Parker stays confident and aware, he can be very effective.  In one game he had 18 points, nine rebounds, and two blocks in a victory.  Parker showed a soft-touch on a 10-12 feet jumper, and even had a couple spins moves down low.  Not an exceptionally athlete or grinder by any measure, but uses body and frame to clear space for rebounds when in the paint.  If he continues to work hard and stay within himself, Daijon will no doubt have a big year for Glenn.

Mike Bruce 6’3″ off-guard Michigan Warriors 17u-

Mike Bruuuce as is said along the I-94 corridor.  Bruce has the desirable frame, length, and height colleges look for when evaluating guards.  Mike used to play point guard when he was younger, but currently plays more off the ball and that aspect of his game is still a work in progress.  When he gets into the paint, Bruce can score in the mid-range with runners, floaters, and pull-ups in the paint; although he does need to be careful on ball protection down amongst the trees.  Bruce will have one solid game, then an  o.k game the next outting.  If he puts the pieces together and realizes how much of a special talent he is, Mike will have a huge year for Ypsilanti.

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