Interview with Quacker Valley’s Micah Glenn

11 Mar


Imagine being comfortable at one of the most prestigious high schools in Michigan, but having to move to a whole new state.  That is what Quacker Valley High School (PA) guard Micah Glenn did.  Micah still put together a solid senior season this year.  While his offensive numbers are not through the rough, he made impacts on the game through his defense.  Something any coach in America would want on their team.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Please list weight, height, position and school.

Micah Glenn: 6’1″, 160 lbs, PG/SG, Quacker Valley High School.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Individual skills?

Micah Glenn: Shooting, ball handling, and defense.  Led my section in threes made this season and usually was put on one of the opposing teams best players.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Season stats?

Micah Glenn: 7 points per game, 2 assists per game, and 2 rebounds per game.  I started this year at La Jolla Prep, but that program went under so I transferred here in October.  Our top three scorers besides the returning starter are between 7-9 points per game, which includes me.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Things that you felt that you improved on over the season?

Micah Glenn: Shot selection and being a better off-ball defender.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How hard was it for you to transition from a prestigious school in Michigan, Detroit Country Day, to a whole new state?

Micah Glenn: It was very hard.  I had been at DCD since 8th grade and had played against all the top players in Michigan my whole life, so it was different.  It felt like a step down at the time school wise and basketball.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you still talk to the seniors on the Country Day basketball team like Austin Price and Poet Thomas?

Micah Glenn: Yeah.  Austin Price is my cousin and were very close.  I come home whenever I have time off and I’m with him whenever that happens.  I’m good friends with Moe Ways and Mory (Diane) as well.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you feel as if it would have been better for you basketball wise to stay at DCD?

Micah Glenn: Sometimes, but at the same time I felt like I gained more opportunities leaving.  We had Edmond (Sumner), Mory (Diane), and Austin (Price) all coming in my sophomore year.  Plus Lee (Bailey), Chris (Fowler), and Reed (McManus) were still there.  So there wasn’t much room for guards.  I felt like my game expanded once I left.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics:  What schools have contacted or offered you?

Micah Glenn: I’m talking to Howard right now, bust mostly prep schools like Queen City Prep in North Carolina and Kingdom Prep in Iowa.  The beginning of the year I had reclassified to 2014 while at La Jolla Prep.  Looks from Northern Arizona, but after leaving and being back in 2013.  I’m probably gonna go prep.  That is where I feel I’ll have the best success.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Any prep schools going at you the hardest?

Micah Glenn: I’ve talked to Queen City the most.  One of my friends, Stevie Repichowski, went to Kingdom this season and is committed to Tulsa.  So I’m looking at them too.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will a school be getting from a player like you?

Micah Glenn: A player that can hit shots off the dribble as well as spot up, a good passer and good defender.  Defense is what my coach has emphasized this season from day one, more than any other coach I’ve had.  It pushed me and will definitely be to my benefit at the next level.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Any favorites so far in recruiting so far?

Micah Glenn: Kingdom Prep is my favorite, but after I get my tapes to Howard and move forward in recruiting I’ll have a better understanding of where I’ll be next year.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Any shout outs you would like to give?

Micah Glenn: Yes, thanks to my coach Michael Mastroianni for what he’s done for me this past year, helped me on and off the court and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Lastly what is a interesting fact about you?

Micah Glenn: I collect sneakers.  I’m up to 40 right now and definitely not finished.


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