Detroit Pershing 78 vs. Cass Tech 76

9 Mar


Beating a good high school team in the State of Michigan  is never easy.  Especially when you have the mentality    going into the game think that it is going to be another cakewalk like it was before.  The MHSAA equivalent of March Madness was on display Friday at Western International in the district final contest between Pershing and Cass TECH.  What seemed to be an upset  throughout most of the game that would have shocked the entire state was changed in 10.8 seconds.  DeAngelo Stewart just tied the game up for the Technecians with 1:08 to go in the fourth quarter.  Pershing’s Kahlil Felder smartly evading CT defenders and calling a time-out with 10:8 seconds to go.  Now on that play, Martez Walker did the rest.  Hitting an off-balanced shot with maybe one second on the clock remaining with two CT players in his face.  It was a big moment for Pershing.  Because earlier in the game, Cass lead by as many as 13 in the fourth quarter.  But you can never count out the undefeated Pershing Doughboys.  Cass Tech lead throughout most of the game.  For each Pershing run it seemed as if Cass upped them on it.  Taking control in the second and third quarters.


Florida Atlantic point guard commit D’Andre Johnson had 25 points for CT, while fellow senior DeAngelo Stewart had 16, most coming in the second half.  It seemed as if Charles Key, nine points, had nearly every offensive rebound for Cass Tech.  The junior is a high energy player that allows for second maybe even third offensive opportunities.  For Pershing, Justin Tillman had 14 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks.  Martez Walker had 24 points, Kahlil Felder chipped in with 12.  While the x factor in this game was junior guard Darsean Woodson.  Woodson scored five of the Doughboys last 10 points in the contest, and finished up with 18.

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  1. Joseph Frye Jr. March 11, 2013 at 6:08 am #

    This is good coverage. Keep up the writings.

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