Interview with Windsor CC’s Shavon Gayle

14 Jan



Shavon is a lighting fast point guard who just finds ways to beat you.  Seeing him play a couple times this year, it was evident that this kid is one of the elite point guards in Canada.  His first step is very explosive, and has the athleticism to finish around the basket.  Not to bad a shooter as well.  Makes his teammates around him better by giving them easy shots because of his penetrating abilities.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, and position?

Shavon Gayle: 5’11” 175 pound point guard/combo guard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Most memorable game since being on varsity?

Shavon Gayle: Dunking on a 6’8″ kid in the freeds tourney.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some players you model your game after?

Shavon Gayle: Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Pierre Jackson, and Damian Lilliard.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Individually describe your game to us.  What are some strengths and what are some areas that are up and coming?

Shavon Gayle: My game is consistent.  I can shoot the three, drive kick, run the floor, and explode at any given moment.  Quick first step and a high motor.  My strengths are breaking down defenses, getting rebounds and creating open jumpers.  Up and coming areas are working on different ways to be un-guardable, and getting my teammates to reach their highest potential.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How much does playing with Mychal Mulder elevate your game?

Shavon Gayle: It makes it easy for me to find holes in an offense and keep team guessing.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Coming into the season, there were some pretty high expectations set for your Windsor CC team.  So far do you think the team has lived up to those expectations and how much pressure is there?

Shavon Gayle: I think we still have a lot to prove.  The most important thing for us is winning in OFSAA play and winning our city championship.  Our team is very talented and I see no limits for us.  There is not much pressure if you have high expectations for yourself before other people give them to you.  Pressures all mental, and what you think about and if your thinking positive thoughts, chances are there will be a positive outcome.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some schools that have showed some interest in your talents?

Shavon Gayle: Grand Valley State, Nova Scotia University, University of Windsor, Ferris State, Santa Clara, Henry Ford, Kwantlyn, St. Clair College, Vincennes, Sharidan College, Owens Ohio, Lake Superior State, Northwestern Tech.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What do you think you could bring to a team at the next level?

Shavon Gayle: I think I could bring a winning mentality, strong work ethic, leadership, and scoring.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: I think playing in Canada gives limitations and more work than a kid that lives in the states would academically, and basketball wise, our system is set up so differently that it keeps NCAA scholars to a limit.  Canada basketball is growing tremendously and you can see it now from the talent already in the NCAA and NBA.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Doesn’t hurt to see Tristan Thompson make it to the league right?  Your predictions for remainder of season, for you and the team?

Shavon Gayle: Not at all, it give people hope and motivation.  My prediction for our team for the remainder of the season is to win every game we play, and strive towards our ultimate goal.

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