Interview with Cass Tech’s D’Andre Johnson

10 Jan

D’Andre is an experienced  varsity player who knows how to break a defense down.  He is an excellent one-on-one player.  He keeps you on your toes as a defender.  Because you don’t know if he is going to break your ankles or whether he will hit one in your face.  Knows how to make a solid pass, and find the open man.  If you want some excitement on your team, I definitely recommend taking a looks at this kid.  Not to bad a defender, willing to take a charge or two a game.  Has offers from, Central Michigan and Western Michigan just to name a few of his nine offers he has.

One Response to “Interview with Cass Tech’s D’Andre Johnson”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. January 14, 2013 at 4:29 am #

    I was fortunate to take in the men and women basketball at Detroit Central. The men went to o/t and King won. The women bombed the trailblazers by a great number. These where great contest, but I didn’t have a program. So I do not have any comments on any individual. @J0#king82

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