Predictions for Detroit Public Schools League Basketball

20 Dec

The Detroit PSL basketball league portion of the schedule opened up on Tuesday, and this year looks to be once again another competitive year within the DPS. The league sports many of the state’s top ranked teams, as well as some teams that could surprise us come playoff time. There are two divisions in the DPS, the East Division and the West Division. Between the two divisions, the East is completely stacked this year. Teams like Douglass, Southeastern, Pershing, and East English Village all carry players that are holding offers and gaining interest from some of the country’s best college basketball programs. On the flip side, the West may only have one or two teams that can compete for a city title, however, more teams in that division are unknown at this point in the season. For example, Western has always been a doormat in the league but this year things could be different for the Cowboys. With that being said, this ought to be one exciting season.

East Division

(1.) Pershing (2.) Douglass (3.) Southeastern (4.) East English Village (5.) King (6.) Osborn (7.) Denby (8.) Central (9.) Davis

West Division

(1.) Cass Tech (2.) Renaissance (3.) Cody (4.) Western (5.) Ford (6.) Mumford (7.)Northwestern (8.) CMA (9.) Westside

Players to Watch

Jaylen Bufford- Denby, Darrell Davis- Douglass, Alex Burney- Osborn, Kenyatta Singleton- Southeastern, D’Cari Charleston- Southeastern, Justin Tillman- Pershing, Martez Walker- Pershing, Darsean Woodson- Pershing, Khalil Felder- Pershing, Armani Lee- King, Marqywell Jackson- East English Village, Antoine Benford- East English Village, Kenny Carpenter- Cass Tech, D’Andre Johnson- Cass Tech, Kyle Steward- Cass Tech, Deangelo Stewart- Cass Tech, Joshua Davis- Ford, Romondo Ray- Western, Clark Bishop- Renaissance

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