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Romulus’ Juwan Clark Interview

20 Apr


Juwan won a state championship in his second season on the varsity basketball team at Romulus High School.  However, played sparingly behind four NCAA Division 1 recruits.  But to be honest, Juwan would start at about just every other school in the area.  Clark is a combo guard who is a streaky jump shooter, but has a good IQ for the game and loves to pass the ball.  A big summer is on the horizon for Juwan, who looks to make a name of his own like his brother, Wes, did last year ultimately signing as a Missouri Tiger.


Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Height, weight, position and AAU team?

Juwan Clark: 6’0″,  165 lbs, and undecided.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Looking back now, how successful was this season for Romulus and for you individually?

Juwan Clark: Very.  I mean a state championship is as good as it gets, but I wanted to do more this year.  But I can’t complain.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Was it hard for you to play behind Wes (Clark) and the others this season knowing if you went to any other school you would be starting?

Juwan Clark: Yeah of course, but they made me better everyday in practice and it’s the best school.  And I know it’s my time next year so I was mad at first but I also understood.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What does it mean to you to be on the team that won a state title for one of the most respected coaches in the state in Coach Oats?

Juwan Clark: Man it’s an honor.  Not everyone gets to experience something like that.  It’s a great feeling and we put a lot into it so to see it pay off was the best feeling.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What were some of the improvements you made from your first year on varsity to the second?  And what are some things you are still trying to work on?

Juwan Clark: My attitude and how hard I play.  I’m still trying to play better defense and be a more vocal leader.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: On the flip side, what are some strengths you bring to the team?

Juwan Clark: I know how to get people going.  I see the floor well and I can score when needed.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you have any schools looking at you right now and any offers?

Juwan Clark: No offers but Xavier, Rhode Island, Missouri and a couple more.  Not really sure.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What will you bring to a college team and what would they be getting out of a player like you?

Juwan Clark: I can bring hard work and dedication.  And they will be getting a solid point guard who has a high basketball IQ.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some of you off-season goals to get better for your senior season?

Juwan Clark: Live in the gym and in the weight room.  Get stronger and mentally prepared.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Where do you see yourself compare to the other elite guards in the state’s class of 2014?

Juwan Clark: I’m #1 in my book always.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Does having someone to look up to, in your case Wes (Clark), help you know to take it slow during your recruitment?

Juwan Clark: Yeah.  It helps me think to never get down because there’s no telling what can happen like when he blew up so yeah.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you think the current juniors, you, Kris Clyburn and (Tyrone) Hamby can rise to the standard of excellence that has been set for you by previous players at Romulus?

Juwan Clark: Yeah.  I think we are going to go beyond what is expected by far.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What can Romulus fans expect out of you next year?

Juwan Clark: Another state championship.  I’m saying at least 15 (points) and 10 (assists).

Metro Detroit High School Athletics:  What is a fun/interesting face about you?

Juwan Clark: I am a golfer.

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Plummer’s Penguins

6 Apr


Romulus C/O 2013 wing Jalon Plummer committed to Youngstown State this weekend after visiting the school a couple of weeks ago.  It has been an outstanding season for Plummer.  Jalon missed a significant portion of his junior year, but worked hard to become an x-factor for Romulus en route to their first state championship since 1986.  Jalon told me that the school is a perfect fit for him,  “The program fit my style of play, and the coaches made me fill comfortable,” said Plummer.  Youngstown State will be getting “An extremely hard worker, great spot up shooter, rebounder, size and a kid who will only get better as the years go on,” added Romulus assistant coach Nate Schmidt.”  Jalon is expected to receive quality playing time next year for the Penguins.

Romulus Captures First Class A Crown Since 1986

24 Mar

Not since the time of the great Terry Mills has Romulus won a state championship, but it is safe to say that the time has come for Romulus head coach Nate Oats and the Romulus Eagles.  Oats has led the Eagles to the Breslin Center multiple times during his tenure at Romulus, but never capturing a state title.  But not winning is a hard thing to do when you have three players that a more than deserving to have been on the Mr. Basketball consideration list with E.C. Matthews, Wes Clark and Leo Edwards.  Romulus got things going right away, attacking the Southeastern defense with a 7-0 run in the first two minutes of the game, and eventually leading 19-10 after the first.  E.C. Matthews fresh off a 37 point performance in the semi-final tallied nine points in the opening quarter.  But the Jungaleers had a run of their own in the second.  Trailing by 10 with 6:57 until half, Southeastern would go on 8-2 run over the next 5:58 to only be down 24-20.  Now in the third quarter already leading by 42-27 with 2:13 to go in the quarter, things were almost about to get out of hand for Southeastern, but when E.C. Matthews took a pass from Leo Edwards and went up for one of his signature tomahawk dunks, it signaled the end for Southeastern.  Romulus eventually got the lead up to 19 at the end of the quarter at 51-32 and that was all she wrote for the Class A state title game.  Cruising to a decisive 61-49 victory.

E.C. Matthews lead Romulus in scoring with 20, and also lead the team in rebounds with ten.  Louisiana Tech commit Leo Edwards tallied 13 points and three blocks in the winning effort.  And rounding out the big three for the Eagles is Missouri signee Wes Clark, finishing up with 12 points and five assists.

Romulus lost last year to Rockford in the semifinal and trust me, these guys have used that defeat as motivation to get to where they are at right now.  Wes Clark, one of the most competitive guys in the State of Michigan, was not even a guarantee to play in their quarterfinal victory against Pershing.  The senior had to receive a shot in his knee just to be able to play.  “Last year, knowing how far we got with E.C. and Leo we could do it,” said Wes on when he knew when the team was capable of winning a state title.  “Knowing how far we got and how much work we put in.  So we took that as a motivator to use in the offseason and play off that.”  Clark will bring this winning mentality to Frank Haith and the Missouri Tigers next year.

Interview with EC Matthews

25 Dec

I consider EC a combo guard.  He has the handles to be a point guard, and he is also a above average shooter.  He has decided to continue his college career at Rhode Island next year, and what a special treat it will be for the Rams.

Interview with Wes Clark

25 Dec

Missouri commit Wes Clark does more than just score, he is a lockdown defender.  Against Community, Wes did not put up the offensive we are used to seeing from him, but he played with passion on the defensive end.  He is well off on his way toward having a successful senior season.

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