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Mustang Showdown 15u All-Tournament Teams

20 Jul


Although a team from Indiana won the 15u division, this list only includes players from Michigan teams.

First Team

Davion Williams 6’2″ off-guard Michigan Mustangs-Faletti- 

Extremely high ceiling for Mr. Williams.  Ideal size, build, and athleticism for a college level guard.  Uses his physical attributes to be a lockdown defender with the ability of guarding three positions.  10-15 foot jump shot has come a long way in a year.  Aggressive driver and finisher at the rim.  Learning how to play without the ball and become a playmaker for others will go a long way for Williams.  Had 19 points while locking up the opposing team’s best player against the Gators in the semis.

Ryan Wade 5’10” shooting guard Michigan Gators-

While his brother might get more attention at the moment, Ryan will be one to watch for next season if he can continue to shoot at a high level.  He has a quick release as a standstill three-point shooter.  Knows his spots on the floor, and won’t force an ill-advised shot.  A reliable in-between game and ability to create own shot will go a long way here.  Best game was 28 points.

Mario Whitley 6’3″ wing GreenWood Elite-

Whitley is an intriguing prospect, as it seems evident that his high school team uses him more as a undersized four in the paint.  He loves to rebound and get in the action, but Whitley showcased his range on the weekend, knocking down three or four threes in halves.  He has high-level athleticism, agility, and foot-work, but at what position?  He has the ideal size for a college shooting guard, but can he consistently make threes is the question, because there aren’t too many 6’3″ four men at the next level.  Will need to improve ball skills and slashing ability if he seeks to play the guard position.  Best game was a 24 point and 15 rebound performance.

Sean Cobb 6’6″ forward Michigan Mustangs-Haney-

Cobb is only an incoming freshman, but has the skill-set most upperclassman would covet.  He’s mobile, versatile, and has good size for a hybrid 3/4.  Cobb does most of his work in the paint.  On consecutive possessions at one point, Cobb posted up his defender, and flawlessly went over either shoulder on him.  Can shoot a little bit as well up to the free-throw line.  Hope he grows some more if he wishes to play more in the paint, because already it seems is in that tweener category between small forward and power forward.  Had a 27-18 game.

Jalen Tobias 6’5″ forward Michigan Mustangs-Faletti-

When Tobias plays aware and smart, he can be as affective as any forward in the rising sophomore class despite being undersized.  He can be an ample defender and weak-side shot blocker at times.  Tobias is very well coordinated and athletic enough to convert on difficult finishes around the basket.  Another one of those players that just needs two or three more inches to become a dominant big.

Second Team

Terrell Tucker 5’11” point guard GreenWood Elite-

Tucker is a wing that happens to have the ball in his hands most of the time.  He excels in the open-court, space, and transition.  Tucker loves to attack the basket, briskly leaving a defender in his dust, and then finish with either hand.  Terrell has to be careful about getting carless with his finishes, and realizing when it’s ok and not ok to take on bigger opponents in the paint.  He is however maturing into more a pure point guard create for others and should make him more appealing to coaches at the next level if he avoids turnovers.

Brandon Wade 5’11” point guard Michigan Gators-

Wasn’t the usual Brandon most are most accustomed to seeing, but one bad game shouldn’t detour what he has done on the grassroots campaign.  Brandon is extremely effective at using his size to get defenders on his hip going with either hand, and get into the paint to make point guard plays, his IQ is off the charts.  Struggled a bit however when opponents with just as much strength got up into him, but there is too much not to like about Brandon as to make him one of the top point guards in 2018.

Jack Ammerman 5’10” shooting guard Michigan Gators-

Flat eye shooter.  Jack can get into zones where he doesn’t miss.  In the semi-final game against the Mustangs, he had four first half threes and 23 points overall which single-handedly kept the Gators within striking distance despite being face-guarded the entire time.  Moves well without the ball, solid one dribble pull-up if the three isn’t there, and releases high enough to where defenders with length won’t block his shot.

Lamar Norman 6’0″ off-guard Michigan Mustangs-Vallar-

Lamar is one of the classes most electrifying offensive players.  It wasn’t the state championship game, but Norman is just too talented offensively.  Transition slashing and getting to the rim is his best attribute, with his speed and quickness.  Will need to add strength to absorb contact with finishes at the rim, learn to play without the ball in the half-court, and to dial it in on defense all the time.

Anthony Taylor 6’5″ forward Michigan Playmakers-

Anthony plays his role, and doesn’t try to do too much.  He rebounds with two hands at the highest point, boxes out, finishes layups, runs the floor, and plays defense.  What’s there not to like?  Again, one of those kids that you hope grows a little bit more and fills out his frame.

Third Team

Taylor McCaskill 5’11” combo guard Michigan Mustangs-Faletti-

One of those guards that you want on your team.  Can tell he has played high-level competition in the past.  Plays his role, and plays to the whistle.  Will make it a point to get every loose-ball and second chance opportunity for his team and compete on defense.  Decent shooter, but seems more like a facilitator than playmaker on the offensive end.

Keshaun Hayes 6’2″ combo guard Michigan Playmakers- 

Explosive leaper from the back-court.  Caught one dunk in a 20 point performance that caught the attention of everybody viewing.  Can run the point here and there if necessary making some nice passes.  Streaky three-point shooter, but can get into a zone.  Not afraid to get down with bigger players and come up with a rebound on occasion.  Will need to find ways to impact the game on a continual basis not just for spurts.

Tanner Reha 6’3″ wing Michigan Mustangs-Faletti-

Tanner’s saving grace on the weekend was his performance against the Gators in the semi-final.  As he finally started to find a perimeter shot that had alluded him prior to the game.  He’s one of those players that is in the right spot more often than not on both ends of the floor, for example coming away with big defensive stop after stop on defense against the Gators.

Ashton Franklin 6’3″ wing GreenWood Elite

Wasn’t the most skilled wing in the gym, but was going to outwork everybody and play to the whistle.  Plays football, so he’s not afraid to get physical with anybody.

Danny Kolp 6’7″ forward Parallel-45-

Long and lanky, plays center on defense, but more of a point forward offensively.  Classic modern-day stretch four in the making.  Does a bit of work in the paint and some on the perimeter.




Michigan Mustang Summer Showdown Recap

20 Jul

The last grassroots event in the State of Michigan for 2015, the Michigan Mustang Summer Showdown brought together a solid collection of talent for coaches of all levels to evaluate.

IMG_0940Horse Power

The 17u Mustangs were the only host team to capture a platinum championship.  With 6’10” Michigan bound center Austin Davis playing on-and-off throughout the weekend, 6’2″ scoring guard Corey Allen was the spark the Mustangs needed.  Allen could be penciled in for at least 15 points on any given game, and stepped up his performances in bracket play with the loss of 6’7″ small forward Ty Groce with a knee injury.

Two former Michigan high school standouts made their return to the state worthwhile, 6’3″ wing Jaire Grayer and big man Al Eichelberger.  The two left for prep schools at the conclusion of the 2013-2014 school year.  Grayer was the compliment to the scoring of Allen, as he was efficient with his shots, and was a strong perimeter defender.  While Eichelberger provided an offense low-post presence needed to allow for spacing Allen and Grayer could operate with.

IMG_0935Don’t Call It An Upset

For the second consecutive weekend, 16u GreenWood Elite has defeated a national power, Indy Hoosiers at the Adidas Invitational, and then Mustangs-Allison, a team with less than five losses on the year.  It is extremely hard to beat a team twice in the same tournament.  GreenWood Elite took a 61-29 shaming on opening night to the very same Mustang-Allison team without 6’8″ star forward Xavier Tillman.  Then won six straight including against the Mustangs in the championship game with Tillman on the block for the platinum title.

After holding off a tough 16u Mustang-Watts team in the semi-final, GreenWood executed a perfect game-plan to take down the host Mustangs.  With eight team three-pointers, limited turnovers, and strong interior defense, GreenWood Elite 16u was able to achieve the programs first platinum championship on any level in the inaugural year for the organization.

It comes even sweeter for GreenWood’s Malik Ellison, Christian Rodriguez, and Levan Blake, who all played for the very same Mustang-Allison team one year ago.

Rodriguez and Ellison were close to flawless sharing the point guard responsibilities, and Blake used his length to bother Tillman all game long, limiting the high-major division I recruit to 10 points.

However, a Texan made his impact on the game.  6’2″ guard BJ Simmons, from Grand Prairie, Texas connected on four triples in the win, and set the tone early that this was not going to be Friday night’s game.

IMG_0937Team Harris Runs Through Michigan’s Best

One of the few non-Michigan teams in attendance, Team Harris went a perfect 6-0 en route to the 15u platinum tournament championship.  A team sponsored by former Michigan State Spartan current Denver Nugget, Team Harris went through three of the state’s best in bracket play, GreenWood Elite, Mustangs-Vallar, and then Mustangs-Faletti in the final.  Team Harris doesn’t have a single-superstar, nor do they jump out of the gym, they are a well-coached team that takes advantage of opponents deficiencies and capitalizes.  Eric Hunter had a team-high 12 points in the championship.


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