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Clarkston Senior Nick Owens Extensively Talks Madonna Commitment

2 Jan


A senior on the Clarkston basketball team, senior Nick Owens in one of the reasons why the Wolves are one of the top teams in Michigan.  He is one of the more underrated shooters in the state that opponents must know where is at all times, because if not, put up three points on the scoreboard for Clarkston.  Here, Owens discusses why he chose to play college ball next year for the Crusaders of Madonna University.

How do you feel about committing to Madonna?

Nick Owens: I feel great about committing. It’s truly a privilege to play at a school such as Madonna. It feels good to have a set plan for my future so I can enjoy my senior season and work on bettering myself before that time comes.

What made you you want to commit to Madonna?

Nick Owens: What truly made me commit to Madonna, was the coach. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve met and very down to earth. He has turned the program around in the short 5 years he has coached there. I already have a ton of respect for him and the team. I really appreciated being invited to a recruit camp over the summer. We were put through a lot of evaluations and they offered me shortly after the camp. It made me feel like they really knew who I was before offering.  I was pretty sure I was going to attend Madonna but Khalil (Malone) definitely helped seal the deal. The final reason why is because I wanted to play more local so my parents and grandparents could attend as many games as possible, because I would be nowhere without the help and support they have given me over the years.

What was the difference for you picking Madonna over other school that were recruiting you?

Nick Owens: The biggest difference was Madonna had been contacting me for the past two years and showed a lot of interest, they were also very friendly and helpful whenever I had questions. I just had a gut feeling about Madonna from the beginning that I didn’t get from any of the other schools.

What is your relationship with the coaches at the school?

Nick Owens: My relationship with the head coach, Noel Emenhiser is a great one. He is a great guy and very easy to talk to. My parents like him very much as well, my mom said it’s exactly the kind of guy she wants to turn her son over to. He never would try to persuade me to attend Madonna; he would give me reasons why he thinks I would be a good fit there, which I liked. He is very trustworthy and honest and that’s the kind of guy I want as my coach.

Have you visited the campus? If so, what did you like about it?

Nick Owens: Yes I have visited the campus, and it’s a nice little place. What stood out to me was some of the academic help that was available, it will be very useful. Another thing I liked was that it seemed like a friendly community where everyone knows everyone which I enjoyed.

What’s it like playing for Clarkston this year? Is this a team that can compete in Class A for a title?

Nick Owens: Playing for Clarkston this year is an unreal experience, I played on the team for 3 years and part of my freshmen year and I can honestly say this is the best team so far. There is a ton of depth on the team from our twin towers Mike Nicholson and Cole Chewins, an up and coming big man Mitch Heaton who is smart has the moves and can talk, our hardworking and gritty guards, including me, Andrew Myers, Press Kampe, Josh Bonzeim, and Merrick Canada. We have a strong power forward Jonah Newblatt and his backup Drew Swanson who can knock down some shots. My back up Alex trim can handle the ball, shoot, and do a little rebounding, Mason Vires who can knock down some 3 balls and Dayton Wallis who is a good shooter and can direct traffic on the court. We all get along and have fun together, and I think with all the teamwork we possess we have a chance at that state championship. These are some of the best teammates I have ever played with, they have my back and I have theirs, it is truly a privilege to play with them, and I will cherish it forever.

Do you know any of the players already on the team or some of the fellow incoming freshman?

Nick Owens: I know Khalil Malone who is on the team already and is a great player and great guy, and have played against another incoming freshman Grant Smith a couple times. But I look forward to becoming closer with the rest of the team. I went to watch a game and was really impressed with the energy on the bench and the talent.

How do you see your game transitioning to the next level?

Nick Owens: I see my game transitioning very well, with the knowledge and hardworking abilities I already posses. With the help I will receive from my new coaches and teammates I see it going well

What is in store for your future leading up to your signing day?

Nick Owens: The things that are in store for my future up to my signing day are, a lot of work on my game and a lot of lifting and agility drills to get my body in tip top shape for the next level, some other things are a lot of wins for our team, and hopefully a state championship to pay off for all of our hard work.

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