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Muskegon’s Jason Loera Commits to Ferris State

1 May

image1How does it feel to commit to Ferris State?
It feels great to say that I committed to Ferris State University.  At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to play at the next level, well a level that I wanted to play at but Ferris gave me the opportunity to do that, and it feels great.  I’m truly blessed and thankful.

When did you know Ferris was right for you?
When I applied for Ferris a couple months ago, I did a lot of research.  Did research on the programs that they have at the university and also did some research on the program.  They are building a great program and they’re going in the right direction. When I visited, they made me feel comfortable, campus was great, nice college town, and the players made me feel like I was family as if they knew me for quite some time.

What is your relationship with the coaches like?
My relationship with the coaches is good so far.  I hope to continue to grow with them as I go through my years at the university.  I really don’t know exactly how they plan to use me but whatever it is, I’ll give 110% to that role each & every day.  To me it’s all about winning and having fun.  I’m about doing whatever it takes to win.

What were some other schools recruiting you?
Some other schools were a smaller schools that were out of state, a couple community colleges, Juco, and other Division 2 colleges.

Do you know any players currently at Ferris

I knew a couple players at Ferris.  I know them from summer camps, playing against them, or watching them.  Not many but I knew some.


How did the past high school season go?

The past high school year went great. We finished the season 24-2. I averaged close to seven points per game, was second in assists, and second in blocks. We didn’t repeat like we wanted to but the season was great.

What do you plan to study in the classroom?
When I attend Ferris State University this fall, I play to Major in either Psychology or Business.

U of D Jesuit’s Noah King Talks Ferris State Commitment

12 May

Jesuit v RomulusHow does it feel to commit to Ferris State?

-It feels great to take the next step in my life. I’m very excited for the the upcoming year.

What were some other schools recruiting you and what made you want to attend Ferris State?

– I was recruited by Notre Dame College in Cleveland,OH, Springhill College in Mobile,Al and also by Morehouse College in Atlanta.

What is your relationship with the coaches at Ferris and do you know any of the players already there?

– The coaches at Ferris are very sociable and they are very exact in what they expect from me for my career there, I believe that will help me elevate the level of my game and allow me to grow into my abilities has a ball player. I was familiar with a couple guys there but when I went down to visit I got a chance to meet pretty much the whole squad.

Did you visit the campus already? If so, what did you like about it?

-I have visited the campus and I liked the size of the school: it wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small which is right in my area of comfort.

What makes you unique as a player? What will Ferris State be getting out of a player like you?

– What makes me unique is that I am a selfless teammate that can make an impact on the game in many different ways. Throughout the season I have had games where I impacted the game with defense and there were games where I impacted the game offensively. I will bring the intangibles, the skills, and the ability to learn and improve to Ferris State.

Talk a little bit about your season at U of D Jesuit. What was it like making it to the Breslin Center for the first time in your school’s history?

-Making it to the Breslin Center is a dream that doesn’t get realized by a lot of kids like myself. It was truly a blessing and an inspring season to both my team and the U of D community.

What will you look to add to the Ferris program?

-Ferris recruited for my ability to shoot the ball , but I will continue to work and add other dimensions to my game.

Who would you like to thank the most for getting you to where you are today?

-I want to thank everybody who has had an positive influence on my career as a student-athlete. To be short, God, my family, my teammates, my coaches, my friends, and the alumni who give back the school in such profound ways. If it were for them and my parents, I may not have been able to attend such great high school.

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