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Brother Rice’s Steve Westbrook’s Profile

20 Oct

photo-1• Height, Weight, and position?

Height: 6’0, Weight: 190lbs, Position: combo guard

• High School, Summer team and Graduation Year?

High School: Brother Rice High School, Summer Team: Michigan BBC Select, Graduation Year: 2014

• Players you try to model your game after?

I try to model James Harden and Kobe Bryant.

• Important Stats

Season stats: 10.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 5.2 apg.

AAU stats: 15.2 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 6.8 apg.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

My most memorable of my career was scoring 26 points against the Spiece EYBL team at the GRBA Nationals during the AAU season.

• Colleges that you would like to attend?

Hope College, Ferris State, Marietta, University of Indianapolis, Grand Valley, Albion, and U of D Mercy,

• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?-

Hope, Ferris State, Albion, Cornerstone, Calvin, Marietta, U of D Mercy, and University of Indianapolis.

• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

Being a strong big guard who can handle the ball and rebound real well.  I am a shutdown defender.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

My strengths are driving to the basket and drawing fouls and getting out in transition and scoring.  I can also set up my team mates real well in a half court offense.  I am trying to improve my shooting consistency from three point territory and extending my range.

• How did the offseason go?

My offseason went really well with Michigan BBC Select.  We have won 3 tournaments and I got a lot of exposure .

• Goals for the upcoming season?

Winning the Catholic League, Making it past regionals, being team captain, and being a leader on the team.

• What role do you see your self having this year for your team?

I see myself as an important scorer and shutdown defender on the team.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

A coach will get a player that doesn’t take any plays off and plays hard defense.

• What will will go into your decision about choosing a college?

Going to a school where I can play right away and having a great relationship with the coaching staff.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My Dad is the most influential person in my life because he was the one who introduced me to basketball when I was little and he has coached and taught me the fundamentals of basketball.  He has made me the type of player I am today.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

I want to leave the school with a legacy of hard work, dedication, commitment, and loyalty.

• Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Probably coaching basketball.

• Highlight Tape




• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

I can watch basketball highlights all day long.

• Academic Information


• Contact Information

Cell: (248)-631-9783

Email: smwestbrooks@ameritech.net

Brother Rice repeat?

22 Nov

Repeating as a state champion in football is one of the most hardest things to do in high school football.  Think about it, after winning a state championship, all the teams that you beat the previous year are all gunning to beat you.  This Friday, Brother Rice will have a chance to repeat but this time their opponent will be the always tough Big Reds from Muskegon.  A team coming in with only one lost and has man-handled some teams on their route to Ford Field.  If Brother Rice is to win, they will need production out of their two running backs Shon Powell and Brian Walker.  Muskegon knows that these two are going to get the ball, to counter attack that, Rice must be able to at least make Muskegon respect their passing game.  Rice does have some good receivers to get the ball out to.  Most notably Corey Lacanaria and the speedy Josh Flye.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Muskegon, their offense presents major problems to defenses and maybe even the very aggressive Warrior D.  The Big Reds use a formation they call the “Ski Gun,” which consists of a quarterback in the pistol with a running back in a three-point stance behind him.   Similar to triple option teams, they send a man in motion and will either give the ball to the running back on a dive or the quarterback will keep it on an option.  This type of offense will create match up problems for the Rice Defense making their linebackers have to hesitate of option plays which could result in a big play for the talented athletes the Big Reds have.

I just don’t see Brother Rice winning it this year.  I would love to see Coach Fracassa get one more state title, but this Warrior Team is just not the same as last years team.  The 2011 team had to fight through every single round of the playoffs to get to Ford Field.  This year, the Warriors haven’t really been challenged in the playoffs.  Muskegon has too many athletes, a tricky offense, and a tough defense.  All characteristics a team must have if they want to win a championship.

Enjoy Ford Field everybody!

Final Score: Muskegon: 28 Rice: 14

Here is a link to the Muskegon “Ski Gun.”

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