Mustang Summer Showdown 16u All-Tournament Teams

21 Jul

IMG_0935GreenWood Elite captured the organization’s first ever platinum championship in a statement win against national power Mustangs-Allison.

First Team

Foster Loyer 5’10” point guard Mustangs-Allison-

Loyer plays the game with such great pace and poise.  He’s a true pass first guard by nature, he drops unreal dimes and sees play before they happen.  But it is still mind-boggling why opponents continue to give him open looks from the free-throw line extended, it will be money more often than not.  Also a competitor on the defensive end, diving for loose balls and vocally active.

Malik Ellison 5’8″ point guard GreenWood Elite & Christian Rodriguez 5’9″ point guard GreenWood Elite- 

GreenWood is fortunate enough to have two point guards with state championships on their resumés, and it resulted in the organization first platinum level championship; even sweeter for the two it was against their former team.  Ellison and Rodriguez were close to flawless in the championship victory.  Both limited turnovers, orchestrated the offense, played stellar defense, and scored when called upon.  It doesn’t matter if the two are sub six-foot, they know how to win.

Xavier Tillman 6’8″ forward Mustangs-Allison-

Simply put, a beast.  With his broad shoulders and frame, Tillman was a man among boys in the game against The Family, he had a double-double at halftime due to his unrelenting motor and toughness.  Xavier is just so advanced with foot-work and arsenal of moves on either block; he had one fake right spin right move that even had the college coaches in the rafters shaking their heads.  That move alone secured his spot as the top forward in the state’s rising junior class.

Jaron Faulds 6’10” center The Family-

Have to love a 6’10” center with length that embraces the dirty work.  Faulds is not a shot-blocker yet nor is he a physically imposing big man as well, but will box-out, rebound, and challenge oncoming guards.  He did miss some lay-ups and tip-ins that seemed like easy bunnies, but his ability to shoot jump-hooks with either hand is what kept college coaches kept on-coming back.

Second Team

Jermaine Jackson Jr. 5’8″ point guard Mustangs-Allison-

A point guard that can score and distribute.  Extremely tight handle and quick release off pull-ups.  Streaky with three-pointer, but can really get into a zone.

Ronquavious Southward 5’10” combo guard The Family-

Qua as he is called loves to shoot the three, and he can get into the zone.  Southward can spray threes from anywhere on the perimeter when he’s playing off the bounce, and opponents cannot go underneath on high ball-screens, as he had eight triples in one game.  There is no denying his ability to shoot the three, but his level of play at the next level is yet to be determined.  If a coach wants a 5’10” scoring guard, then Qua is your guy.

Nick Welch 6’6″ forward Mustangs-Watts-

No ’17 forward has enjoyed a better two-week span than Nick Welch.  Welch has continuously more than held his own against bigger and more well-known prospects on both ends of the floor.  Nick won’t wow viewers with athleticism, but he’s understanding on the offensive end makes him a pleasure to watch.  He positions himself after what his point guard does, either for duck-ins with both hands or extend himself to a short-corner for a 15-20 foot jumper.  Rebounds and is a consistent double-double.

Terry Armstong 6’5″ wing GreenWood Elite-

Terry was the lone 2019 player in the 16u division.  For flashes, Armstong showed why he is among the top of the state’s incoming freshman.  For example, to close one half out, he had nine straight points.  A three, dunk, floater, then and-one.  There is not denying his superb athleticism and physical tools, but those are only attributes to a complete basketball player.  It will be interesting to track Armstrong’s develop in the near future as he competes against equally and even more talented opponents.

Levane Blake 6’7″ forward GreenWood Elite-

Blake used his length, mobility, and fundamental low-post defense to disrupt Xavier Tillman and Isaiah Livers for the Mustangs in the championship from establish any comfort level; a key part to GreenWood’s victory.  Levane can finish around the basket, but prefers to use his left-hand the most.

Third Team

C.J. Wilson 5’10” point guard The Family-

A point guard that opponents cannot be lackadaisical around.  A mere 5’10,” Wilson covers vast amounts of ground on the defensive end.  One minute he’ll be applying ball-pressure to one side of the floor, then drop down and contest for steals with quick hands.  Offensive game is still in the work, but expect a big year out of this St. Mary Eaglet.

Jordan Roland 5’10” point guard Mustangs-Watts-

Flint Beecher written all-over him.  Will guard the opponents best player and not back-down.  Was not only aware of what his man was doing, but also what those two to three passes away from him.  Roland is unselfish as a facilitator on offense, and overall leader of team that relies on precision than star-power to win.

David DeJulius 6’0″ combo guard The Family-

DeJulius was at one point the lone source of Family offense in a lopsided affair at the hands of Mustangs-Allison.  He has the frame that can take a continuous pounding throughout the game.  He can create his own shot, and connected on a variety of runners and 10-12 footers with his jumper.  DeJulius is situated in the classic combo guard situation, as he is neither a pure point guard or shooting guard.

Henry Speights 6’2″ guard/forward GreenWood Elite-

Looks more like a fullback or linebacker that would shine more on the grid-iron than hard-wood.  Apparently, Speights at 6’2,” was the leading rebounder for the entire sophomore class this past winter.  Although he doesn’t project to play the four at the next-level, it’s a tribute to the way he plays the game, fearless.  Speights had five crucial points down the stretch in the championship final against a favored Mustang team, one of which was an and-one which turned the tides toward GreenWood.  Speights has a nice mid-range game off the bounce, and can draw larger bigs to the perimeter.

Keyon Epps 6’5″ wing The Family- 

Just on athleticism and potential alone gave Epps a spot on this list.  He had two dunks in a four-minute span that excited every viewer in attendance.  Epps has a long way to go to become not just being recognized as a high-flyer, but there is still time in his prep career.


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