Top Half-Dozen 2016 Guards Without Collegiate Offers

15 Jul

Teams can have all the size in the world, but if guard play is absent, vertical gifts can easily become evaporated.

Throughout the course of July, players are evaluated by colleges from all levels.  Some will gain interest, while others will gain offers.

Here are six rising 2016 guards that hold zero collegiate offers entering their final month of AAU competition from the great State of Michigan.

jasonwilliamsJason Williams 5’10” point guard 1Nation/Allen Academy

Read Jason’s high school stats, and it sounds like a career most can only dream of.  25.6 points-per-game, 6.1 rebounds-per-game, 6.6 assists-per-game, and 4.2 steals-per-game in his junior year.  Williams is quick, and hard to stay in front of for most at the high school level.  Many of his points come in the paint, floaters, runners in the lane, and is a deceptively strong finisher for his size.  He’s also a winner.  As in the last three years, he been a major cog in forming Allen Academy into a legitimate contender for a Class C Detroit charter school, with a record of 45-21.

UnknownDwight Burton 6’2″ off-guard Michigan Playmakers/Detroit Mumford

Burton has come a long way in a short time.  He’s only played organized basketball since the end of his freshman year, but his unique journey to basketball success is beginning to pay off.  He doesn’t shy away when the stage is too bright, and won’t back down from larger names.  Burton has an explosive first step, and can take any defender off the dribble and attack the basket.  Burton does need to improve on protecting the ball at all times, as he becomes careless with the ball for moments.  But with his natural scoring ability, raw talent, and athleticism, there is not too much against Burton not to make him a scholarship player.

DSC_00511Karim Murray 6’1″ off-guard Reach/Detroit Western

Murray’s stock is at the highest for the month of July.  Although he doesn’t have the desired 6’3,” or 6’4,” frame, he has the broad shoulders and muscular build without even entering a college weight room.  His best attribute is his perimeter defense, he uses his strength and lateral foot-speed to keep opponents in front of him, and can guard up to three positions on the floor.  Murray is also one of the best finishers with either hand when attacking the basket off weak close-outs, and is starting to develop into a consistent perimeter shooter.

3l9a6613Terrance Sewell 6’2″ off-guard Reach/Detroit Northwestern

Everything with Sewell is to the basket.  He’s not ball dominant to do so.  He patiently waits for the opportunity once he sees an alley to the basket, then he attacks the rim with full force.  Lives at the free-throw line, and is also starting to become a high-level rebounder on both sides of the floor.  Like Murray, Sewell has the build of a college level two guard.  Is a consistent perimeter jumper away from offers.

Rahsann Pope 6’3″ combo guard Michigan Warriors/Romulus

16811122-standardGreat size, length, and skill for a college guard.  Can really be a stat-sheet stuffer.  Has the type of frame that can put on and maintain weight and strength.  Smooth style of play, almost too smooth and passive at times.   Like him with the ball more as a point guard to make plays for either himself of others.  Can shoot a bit here and there, but strength is getting into the lane with quick first step.

DSC_1876Walter Kelser 6’0″ point guard Walled Lake Central

Kelser can put up big numbers on any given night.  Walter is a high-volume scoring point guard that hasn’t seen a shot he doesn’t like.  He can score from all three levels, but loves to draw contact and shoot free-throws.  Not a total facilitator make the game easier for others type of guard, more of a system type player and what a college coach wants from their floor generals.


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