July AAU Preview

8 Jul


July is a major month in the AAU sphere. As college coaches from all levels may view potential recruits for three five-day sessions.

From the Spring session of AAU, here are the top teams heading into the final stretch of the travel season.


1. The Family

Quick outlook: Aside from seniors Cassius Winston, Miles Bridges, and Brailen Neely, The Family is a relatively young team, at both guard and forwards. Ike Eke and Greg Eboigboden are two of the best forwards in Michigan’s rising junior class, as well as ’17 members Amauri Hardy and Jaron Faulds both made their presences known mid-way through the Spring following a transition from 16u.

Key players: Cassius Winston, Miles Bridges, Brailen Neely, Ike Eke, Greg Eboigboden, Amauri Hardy, Jaron Faulds

Notable accomplishments: Qualified for Nike Peach, Grand Rapids Storm Classic gold champs.

2. Reach

Quick outlook: It was a consistent Spring of winning for Reach. Guard play = championships.

Key players: Trishton Jackson, Armani Tinsley, Kareem Murray, Terrance Sewell, Jaylin McFadden.

Notable accomplishments: Michigan Invitational gold champs, Mustang MYBA Spring showdown gold champs, Run-n-Slam silver champs.

3. 1Nation

Quick outlook: With or without Josh Jackson, 1Nation is a very talented team. Throughout the course of the Spring it seemed as if there was a revolving door on the roster, but as the month of May ended, the team found a strong nucleus of players and ultimately qualified for the UAA championships.

Key players: Josh Jackson, Spencer Littleson, Justin Turner, Devon Daniels AJ Jackson, Jason Williams, Kyle Hayes.

Notable accomplishments: UAA Championship qualifier

4. Showtime

Quick outlook: Showtime is a show in itself on the offensive end of the floor. The closest thing to East English on the AAU circuit, a plethora of guards and a few bigs round out a solid group.

Key players: Karmari Newman, Chris Rollins, Cedric Lattimore, Kevin McKay, Nate Bowlware, Malik Williams.

Notable accomplishments: King James gold champs, Up-North Classic gold champs.

5. Detroit Stars

Quick outlook: Standard procedure for the Stars, play up one level. Mostly a 16u squad, a few 17u additions for July will stabilize a young, but talented team.

Key players: Donnie Tillman, Jamal Cain, Luster Johnson, Tyrese Searles, Greg Elliott.

6. Michigan Playmakers

Quick outlook: Better hold on to the ball against this team. As their guards are known to press full-court and create turnovers. Explosive and athletic front-court as well.

Key players: Dwight Burton, Richard Talley, Dequan Powell, Colyn Waldron, Miguel Priest, Antwan Johnson, James Jenkins.

Notable accomplishments: Michigan Warriors Jam Fest gold champs, Chicago Classic silver champs.

7. Grand Rapids Storm

Quick outlook: A blend of players that come from high school programs and individual skill.

Key players: Leon Redd, Micah Rosser, Ryan Stevens, Andrew Madison, Dylan Carl.

Notable accomplishments: The Family Mothers Day champs.

8. GreenWood Elite

Quick outlook: GreenWood can compete with any team in Michigan, just hasn’t turned into victories yet.

Key players: James Towns, Billy Thomas, Billy Burton, Jacob Joubert.

9. Michigan Warriors

Quick outlook: This team has played for together for upwards of five years now. A little inconsistent at times, but always a tough draw.

Key players: Mike Bruce, Rashaan Pope, Logan Ryan, Rayjon Williams-Jackson, Brent Davis, Sameer Jabbo.

Notable accomplishments: Michigan Playmakers Invitational gold champs.

10. ACB Bankhoops

Quick outlook: Is it possible for a team to go five guards? ACB has a collection of west Michigan’s best guards. Either facilitating, attacking, or three-point shooting.

Key players: Shae Somers, Curtis Dawson, Jaton Gunn, Anthony McIntosh, Mike Littlejohn.

11. Michigan Mustangs

Quick outlook: A down year by Mustang standards on the adidas tour. The silver lining is Brian Bowen and Austin Davis will bring coaches to games.

12. Michigan Soldiers

Quick outlook: Couldn’t quite get over the hump with second place finishes in gold division at King James and The Family events, but a very scrappy and competitive team.

Key players: Trey Burton, Tariq Archibald, Danny Pippen, Derrik Jamerson.

Don’t forget about:

Michigan Mustangs- Woodruff

West Michigan Lakers

Michigan Titans


1. Michigan Mustangs- Allison

Quick outlook: A 38-2 overall record, safe to say the Mustangs have been dominant this past Spring.

Key players: Everyone

Notable accomplishments: Grand Rapids Storm classic champs, Adidas Gauntlet Indianapolis champs, Spiece Run-n-Slam champs.

2. Triple-Threat

Quick outlook: A well tuned machine that finds ways to win. Not over-reliant on star power, a solid collection of players that embrace their roles.

Key players: Brandon Johns, Reece Middleton, Westin Myles, C.J. Foster, Juan Warren.

Notable accomplishments: Indianapolis classic silver champs, Michigan Warriors Jam Fest gold champs, Moneyball Shootout gold champs.

3. The Family

Quick outlook: Missed a coveted spot in the Nike Peach Jam. However, The Family is never short on talent.

Key players: David DeJulius, Ronquavious Southward, Brock Washington, Will Weems, Zach Trent, C.J. Wilson

4. Reach

Quick outlook: Passion and defense. Two traits that can win a lot of ball games in AAU.

Key players: Tariq Derrickson, Jamal Keese, Drequan Bell, Juwan Snoody, Mike Green, Liam Soroghan.

Notable accomplishments: Moneyball Shootout 17u division champs.

5. Michigan Playmakers

Quick outlook: A bit inconsistent at times. But under a George Ward led team, defense will be the focal point for success.

Key players: Jesse Scarber, Tre Orr, Keyon Brown, Jordan Jones, Eric Williams, Marlin Talley, Terronie Cook, Demoines Whitney.

Notable accomplishments: Michigan Invitational gold champs, Michigan Playmaker Invitational champs.

6. 1Nation

Quick outlook: If the entire roster was to play a month together, this team could easily would have far more championships than indicated.

Key players: Armonee Felder, Josh Long, Rog Stein, Michael Flowers, Reme Torbert, Austin McCullough.

7. The Program Elite

Quick outlook: Play more like a high school team than a AAU team. Must happen when you have both legendary coach on the sideline and one on the floor.

Key players: Darian Owens-White, Garrett Gardette, James Davis, Josh Perkins, Garvin Crout.

8. Common Bond

Quick outlook: Another team that has played together for some years now. Plenty of 6’2″ – 6’4″ guards/wings.

Key players: Cedric Benton, Derric Murray, Lawrence Rowley, Alec Anderson.

9. GreenWood Elite

Quick outlook: Like their 17u team, will be in the game at the end, but not a lot of trophies to show for it.

Key players: Levane Blake, Malik Ellison.

10. Grand Rapids Storm- Fleming

Quick outlook: Traditional Storm team. Tough, competitive, and always a hard draw.

Key players: Jesse Hillis, Demetri Martin, Jason Majerle

11. Michigan Warriors

Quick outlook: Individual talent is not the problem. Have to avoid mental errors that cost games.

Key players: Kaevon Merriweather, Dylan Price, Jordan Graham, Jaren English, Daijon Parker.

12. Elite Nation

Quick outlook: Safe to say a Carlton Valentine team will have more chances to win games than not.

Key players: Ontario Burnett, Forrest Bouyer, Matt Havey.

Don’t forget about:

Detroit Spartans

Michigan Mustangs- Watts

Michigan Titans


1. The Family

Quick outlook:A steady rotation of guards has equaled major success for this team.

Key players: Pierre Mitchell, Elijah Collins, Bryce Washington, Rashad Williams, Julian Dozier, Carrington Wiggins, Shayne Scruggs.

Notable accomplishments: Grand Rapids Storm Classic champs, Mothers Day Invitational champs, Great Lakes Classic champs, Michigan Playmaker Invitational champs.

2. Michigan Mustangs- Faletti

Outlook: Depth, size, skill and talent usually prevails on the 15u level.

Key players: Thomas Kithier, Jaylin Tobias, Zavon Godwin, Davion Williams, Carl Bow, Goliath Mitchell, Tanner Reha, Taylor McCaskill.

Notable accomplishments: Michigan Invitational gold champs.

3. Michigan Gators

Quick outlook: A rare traditional AAU team that has found success competing in the modern grassroots circuit when given the opportunity. A well-disciplined and consistent group.

Key players: Brandon Wade, Jack Ammerman, Ryan Wade, Vincent Williams, L.J. DeWolf.

Notable accomplishments: Various state AAU titles, Great Lakes Classic champs.

4. Reach

Quick outlook: Guards, guards, and more guards. Reach has guards that can shoot, score, play tough defense, and create for others.

Key players: Anthony Roberts, Mark Watts, Ron Hill, Matthew Richmond, Dave Hearns, Quinn Blair.

Notable accomplishments:

5. Michigan Warriors

Quick outlook: A team that wants to use their speed and athleticism on defense to convert into easy offense.

Key players: Kmare Carey, Devin Alverson, D.J. Lundy, Andy Milikan.

6. Michigan Mustangs- Vallar

Quick outlook: Again, hard to comprehend the Mustangs have two quality teams at the same level. This Mustang team is not as deep as the other squad, but is just as talented.

Key players: Duane Washington, Lamar Norman, Nelson McCauley.

Don’t forget about:

Grand Rapids Storm

Key players: Susu Davenport, Payton Harley, D’Avery Moore, Markesse Hastings.

GreenWood Elite

Key players: Terrell Tucker, Mario Whitley.

Michigan Playmakers

Key players: Jacob Brantley, Antonio Marshall

Michigan Mustangs- Haney

Key Players: Tray Jackson, Luke Hyde.


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