U of D Mercy Team Shootout Day One Thoughts

23 Jun

Only day one of action, Toledo Whitmer won the AM session, while Lake Shore captured the PM session.

AM Session

Travez Nyx 6’3″ 2017 wing Detroit Consortium- Nyx played sparingly during the regular season, however, is starting to get a greater amount of quality burn.  With his height, and long arms, Nyx is a threat to opponents because he can disrupt passes.  As the day went on, his confidence grew and grew.  Travez made multiple slashes to the basket in transition finishing with his left hand.  Not an exceptional athlete, Nyx did not score much in the half-court, but found success in finding teammates.  He whipped in beautiful interior passes to the paint and placed his players in a position to score.  Travez’s collegiate level will be determined by his capacity to improve athleticism, footwork, individual offense, and perimeter jump shot.

Jaylon Moore 6’6″ 2016 forward Detroit Consortium- Moore looked as though he wishes to play both football and basketball next year at Western Michigan.  Moore has added an extra bounce in his step compared to the regular season.  Jaylon moves bodies while positioning himself in the interior, and had a lot of second-chance opportunities due to him doing work early on the boards.

Tyler Gillery 6’5″ 2017 wing Warren Mott- Just laying eyes on Gillery, there is massive amounts of potential.  Has the traditional size and body frame all division one wings must have with clear room for growth.  Far from a finished product, Gillery showed he can put the ball on the floor, and attack opponents off the dribble, even threw in a nice pump-fake here and there.  A decent vertical athlete, Tyler’s ceiling will depend on how much he wishes to assert himself, offensively or defensively.  There is too much talent not to be used.

Tariq Derrickson 5’11” 2017 point guard Notre Dame Prep- Granted NDP found little success in capturing victories on the day, little of the blame can be placed on Derrickson.  If NDP made at least half of the baskets off Derrickson’s passes, there might’ve been a different ending.  Whether in the half-court or transition, teammates better have their head up with Derrickson, because he will find you.  A crafty lefty ball-handler, Tariq can run pick-and-roll, or create separation for his own jump shot.

Pierre Mitchell 5’9″ 2018 point guard Detroit Loyola- Another member of Michigan’s celebrated 2018 guard class, PJ did not disappoint on the day as well.  Probably the leader in assists on day one.  He’s immensely quick with the ball, and so are his passes to either the perimeter or interior.  Mixed in a three here or there just for good measure.

Dequan Powell 5’11” 2016 combo guard Detroit Loyola- Sure he might be sub six-foot, but look at his rebounding numbers.  Dequan crashes the glass as if he was a seven-footer.  Defenders must box-out because of his ability to seemingly come from no where at get a board.  Overall, he’s one of the best at transitioning from defense to offense.  He’ll get a steal one minute, then rain a three.  A developed shooter that can come off screens in the mid-range, Dequan has even stretched his range to the three.  However, his bread and butter has always been defensively.

Andy Milikan 5’11” 2018 shooting guard Walled Lake Northern- Perhaps to best three-point shooter on the morning session, with deep range, ideal form, arch, and release.  However, he’s not just a shooter.  He’ll put the ball on the floor, observe what’s going on, then make a decision to either shoot or pass.  Moves well to get open without the ball.  Rebounds decently for a guard

PM Session

Dave Hearns 6’0″ 2018 combo guard Hazel Park- One of two sophomore Viking guards with division one potential, Dave is an efficient off-ball guard that is just as much a threat to score as he is to pass.  Gifted with stellar instincts, Dave is the type of player opponents must close out on properly, because he’ll slash to the basket and finish at the rim when the opportunity is present.  However, Hearns can recognize the open man if double-teamed.  Quality on-ball defender that will produce steals on occasion.

Jalen Tobias 6’5″ 2018 forward Detroit Renaissance- Tobias returns after an injury, placing him on the disabled list for over a month of AAU.  Jalen looks as quick, bouncy, and athletic before, maybe even more so.  His strength has been up to this point in his high school career rebounding, challenging shots, and finishing around the rim with either hand.  He will have to contribute in a half-court setting eventually.  Perhaps running an ideal pick-and-roll with fellow forward 6’7″ AJ Jackson is a solid place to start.

Antwan Johnson 6’5″ 2016 forward Detroit Henry Ford- Undersized for the position Ford plays him, power forward, but there was no one with a greater combination of athleticism and strength than Johnson.  A power glider that covers large amounts of ground when leaps, Antwan is a shot blocker and rebounder in and out of his area.  The issue with Johnson has always been what can he do in the half-court?  Well, he’s now starting to create his own offense.  He’s added a killer crossover that he displayed to create space at the top of the key and then get to the rim.  Three-point jump shot is improving as well.

James Towns 5’10” 2016 point guard Detroit Henry Ford- Towns already holds a U of D Mercy offer, and appears to be the Titan’s primary 2016 target at the point guard position.  James has take-over ability unmatched by others.  When he gets a head of steam going towards the basket, he’s most likely going to finish above with authority the rim despite his stature.  Has a good pass/shot ratio on the offensive end of the floor, can run a half-court offense and still be as effective compared to an up-tempo style of attack.  Three-pointers are going in with regularity now.  Defensively, Towns is a glove, with good footwork and body positioning.  Mid-major plus and high-major schools will regret not taking a look.

Phillip Curtis 6’5″ 2016 forward Lake Shore- Curtis is a grinder, what he lacks in skill he makes up for in heart.  He single-handedly carried Lake Shore against Cass Tech in the championship game.  Curtis was effective on the offensive glass.  Small schools will enjoy Phillip’s talents.

Ron Hill 5’10” 2018 point guard Pershing- By the time Hill is a senior, he will be the next Doughboy star.  Few young guards possess the intangibles nor play the game as pure as Hill does on both ends of the floor.  His physical maturation is the only obstacle to becoming a bonafide stud.


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