6 Deep Elite Camp Recap. All-Elite Teams

8 Jun

The second annual 6 Deep Elite Camp was held at Kalamazoo College by John Curtis, the founder of 6deepbasketball.com.

First off, a kind thanks to Mr. Curtis for his hospitality and all weekend long.  The entire event was organized and professional.  This camp can and should grow into a destination for players across the Midwest.

Now regarding basketball, the theme of the camp was young talent, particularly at the guard position.  Michigan’s future classes will have no shortage of guards from the Detroit to Grand Rapids

First Team:

Lamar Norman 6’1″ 2018 guard Wyoming Godwin Heights- Norman shared the overall MVP honor with Justin Ahrens.  Norman has the ability to take over the game anytime he wants to by scoring the ball.  Lamar scored a majority of his points in transition.  Receiving the outlet pass, and with burst of speed flew down the court with the ball and finished at the rim with a variety of silky smooth finishes.  Even though Norman is a smaller guard, he still has the vertical ability to consistently dunk the ball.  When he’s not in attack mode, Norman can be a deadly stand-still three-point shooter with the ability to catch fire quickly.  An overall offensive threat with the ball in his hands as an individual scorer.

Brandon Wade 6’1″ 2018 point guard Ann Arbor Skyline- The best true point guard at the camp, as Brandon was able to balance both keeping new teammates happy and score for himself.  He made the case not only as the best guard in the gym but in the state.  To a casual observer, one would think Brandon would’ve played with teammates for several months instead of a few hours.  His ability to attack gaps and seams to get into the paint was his strong suit all weekend.  Brandon has stellar vision, feel, versatile passing ability and IQ for the game.  He’s become increasingly aggressive when trying to score for himself against taller defenders over the past few months, must be because his vertical leap and strength has increased too.  Also one of the best perimeter shooters off the dribble at the camp.  Strong defender as well.

Terrell Tucker 6’1″ 2018 guard Berkley- Tucker put on a show Sunday.  Terrell has the skill and mindset of a wing who just happens to have the ball in his hand a majority of the time.  Terrell did most of his damage on the break of semi-transition situations.  He would come down hit a hapless defender with a combo move, and get to the rim finishing a lay-up or floater with either hand.  Tucker’s jump shot isn’t what is taught at a young age, but it seems to be effective for him.  With his athleticism and slashing ability, Tucker has the potential to become a play-maker not just for himself but for others.

Justin Ahrens 6’6″ 2018 wing Versailles (OH)- The next line of Ahrens is here.  Justin’s older brother, Kyle, is a 2015 shooting guard commit to Michigan State.  And while Justin can shoot the ball like his older brother, he showed he has an all-around game.  With his size, he causes mismatches for opponents on either the perimeter or down low.  He can score from all three-levels, but also has a high understanding of making passes and court awareness.  His body indicates even future growth which only means greater potential.

Nelson McCauley 6’3″ 2018 forward Ottawa Hills- A bid-bodied wing, McCauley caught everyone’s attention with monstrous dunk all weekend long.  He has the type of motor and inside-outside style of play needed to excel given his position and skill-set.  Ottawa Hills should be reloading for a successful upcoming season losing just one starter.

Second Team:

Matthew Richmond 6’1″ 2018 point guard Chandler Park- Compared to Spring AAU tournaments, Richmond stepped up his game and production level, as he played with extreme confidence and poise all weekend.  He wasn’t the star or standout on his team, but he made others around him better.  He created passing lanes in the half-court, gave the ball to opponents at the right time and place, and was tough cover due to playing both guard positions in addition to hitting a few threes here and there.

Malik Jones 5’7″ 2018 point guard East Lansing- It takes a certain degree of confidence for a player to assume a leadership role with unknown teammates, but that is what Jones has.  He sacrifices personal glory for winning.  The ball didn’t become stagnant or glued when he touched it, he made winning plays when it mattered.  He was always encouraging, vocal, and confident which spread over to his team.

Arius Jones 6’2″ 2018 guard Fort Wayne (IN)- Two-end competitor.  Jones took it on himself to guard the opposing team’s best offensive player and generally Arius had success in limiting their production.  Lots of upside with him running with Spiece Indy Heat.

Deric Murray 6’3″ 2017 guard Ann Arbor Pioneer- When Murray gets a step on you going toward the basket with his left hand, it’s usually going to be two points.  At 6’3,” Murray has ideal size for a college level two guard.  He gets most of his baskets based on skill and not individual strength now.  Excels in making a second move after his first move to beat the first defender.  If he hits the weight room in July he will be one to watch.

David Arens 6’6″ 2018 wing Sweetser (IN)- Ozzing potential.  Did a bit of everything this weekend.  Score, rebound, defend.  There’s a lot to like about a players that a soon-to-be sophomore with his size and frame.  With improving ball skills, Arens could become a dominant wing down the road.

Third Team:

Morgan Taylor 6’1″ 2018 combo guard Chicago (IL)- Simply put, shot the air out of the ball Saturday.  If he got an open look from three, more times than not it was going in.  But he also had the hot hand for setting up teammates, either leading directly to a basket or a foul.  Plays with such ease for a guard so young.

Leon Redd 5’10” 2016 combo guard Wyoming Godwin Heights- Redd is a streak scorer, he will get points in bunches.  Played with the ball in his hands more than the high school season.  Can really change the structure of a game down the stretch.

Cedric Benton 6’1″ 2017 guard Ann Arbor Pioneer- Benton is physically imposing with his combination of vertical leap and strength.  Cedric craves contact on both ends of the court.  He rebounds as if he was 7’1″ instead of 6’1,” and isn’t afraid to mix it up when he checks larger opponents.  When he gets going down-hill, Benton will either draw a foul or conclude an and-one.

Payton Harley 5’10” 2018 combo guard Wyoming Godwin Heights- Payton is a threat to score however defender decide to play him.  He can shoot the three, create a mid-range shot off the bounce, or get to the rim.  Doesn’t let things rattle him.  Goes about his business with an even demeanor.

Rylen Grundy 6’3″ wing 2018 guard South Bend (IN)- Perhaps the best individual athlete in attendance.  Grundy has the hops of a forward coming out of the back-court, and he’s powerful when takes flight as well.  Had multiple highlight reel dunk in transition.  His skills will need some polishing up, but there is a lot of potential with Grundy over the course of three years with a developing body and frame.

Fourth Team:

Nate Davis 6’0″ 2018 guard Rochester Stoney Creek- Won’t awe viewers with flash or athletic ability, but is a good complimentary player to a team.  Can stroke it from 15 feet and out, moves well without the ball, and plays hard.  Team Basketball 15u can expect to continue winning at a high level in July.

Suriya Susu 5’10” 2018 guard Kentwood- As a smaller guard, Susu wasn’t afraid to go out and show what he can do.  Changes speeds on defenders, can attack going left, and a solid in-between game.

Lawrence Rowley 6’3″ 2017 wing Ann Arbor Huron- Rowley might have the highest upside out of any prospect in attendance.  Pushing 6’4″ with long lanky arms, Lawrence has yet to define a for sure position yet.  He’s not a shooting guard or a small forward, but he is naturally athletic who happens to have not put all the pieces together.  Thus far, he takes little things from those positions into each game which contribute to his enormous potential.  Had his moments here and there but June should be a month major month of improvement for this Huron River Rat.

Jesse Hillis 6’0″ 2017 guard Caledona- Crafty ball-handler and shot maker for himself going either way.  Solid shooter and scorer.

Caleb Drumm 6’3″ 2016 guard Homer-  Good length, versatility, and skill-set for a small school guard.  Played and defended multiple on the floor.



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