30 Of The State’s Top Unsigned Seniors As Of May 27th

27 May

With signing day in the past, it’s time to close the book on Michigan’s Class of 2015.  However, there are still some quality players left unsigned in the state. Players on this list would make great last-minute additions to Division I, II, III, Juco, or prep schools.

Xavier Cochran 6’5″ wing Ann Arbor Huron- Holds double-digit division one offers.  Only a matter of time before he commits.

Dave Wren 6’1″ guard Ann Arbor Huron- Had a lot of mouths to feed during the season, but can put the ball in the basket himself.  Quick, gracefully gets around the court, and above the rim finisher.  Thrives in transition either scoring or passing.

Darryl Smith 5’11” guard Detroit Renaissance- Smith was a key reason as to why the Phoenix went from a January disappointment to one of the hottest teams in the state towards the end of the year.  Improved consistency on jump shot, but his bread and butter has always been defense and ball-handling.  Two traits most college coaches look for.

Javon Pratt 6’0″ guard Saginaw- Can heat up in a hurry, especially from long-range.  Plays with a toughness which has become to be expected from a Saginaw Trojan.

Sherrod Motley-Dismuke 5’10” guard Ypsilanti Lincoln- Quality effective lead guard.  Won’t make the highlight reel play but won’t kill you either.  Good x-and-o type floor general.

Howard McInnis 5’10” guard Oak Park- Comes off the bench and heats up.  McInnis can easily finish games in three to five threes and 25 points.

Isaiah Green 6’7″ forward Southfield- Mobile and smart.  With his grades, schools should look at him solely based off academics.  On the court, he has a high motor, good feet, and a soft touch up to 15 feet.

DeShawn Brocks 5’9″ guard Westside Christian- Was Detroit’s best kept secret.  A 1,000 point scorer on 3 1/2 years of competition.  The lefty excels in space, and is very elusive.  Brocks will take two years of a junior college.

Anthony Qasawa 6’4″ guard North Farmington- Dead eye shooter, from three and mid-range.  Improving athleticism and ball-handling.

Charles Penn 6’6″ forward Dakota- Versatility and athleticism.  Can guard and play multiple positions on the floor, and play above the rim.

Taariq Jones 6’6″ forward Dakota- Brute force with a polished game.  Rebounds and does a lot of the intangibles needed to win games.

Josh Reynolds 6’4″ guard Plymouth- Ideal size and length for a college level two guard.  Will need to add strength, but possesses deep range and consistent form on perimeter jump shots.

Tim Shayoka 6’2″ guard Troy Athens- Missed a great deal of games due to an injury.  Plays tough on both ends of the court.  Type of kid coaches want on their team.

Elmelik Martin 5’10” guard Lake Orion- Quick, shifty, and elusive.  When he doesn’t turn the ball over, Martin can be fun the watch.  At his best, Martin’s ball-handling puts defenders on the floor.

Lance Lewis 6’3″ guard Milan- Was the glue that held Milan together the past two years for consecutive trips to the Breslin Center.  Does whats called upon him.  Defend, shoot, rebound.  Jack of all trades.

Jalin Gibson 6’7″ guard River Rouge- Has high-major athleticism, just not polished yet.  Good around the basket with either hand.  Quality defender, and has increased range on his jump shot the past few seasons.

Curtis Davison 6’0″ guard Grand Rapids Union- Throw the ball to Curt and he’ll get a bucket.  One of the best isolation players in the state.  Can shoot, slash, and finish at the basket.  Plays with same intensity on offense as he does on defense.

Mykel Tyson 6’6″ forward Consortium- Bully in the paint, won’t out-jump for rebounds, but will out-work you.  Nice back to the basket skill set as well.

Keyon Rainey 5’10” guard Consortium- Had his moments during the season.  Shifty ball-handler, good vision as a passer, just has to avoid turnovers and unforced errors.  Could develop into a quality defender with his quick hands and feet.

Demario Mack 6’5″ forward Detroit Community- Explosive vertical athlete.  Rebounds at a high-rate even though he is often shorter than his opponent.  Will make a small school very happy.

Kyrahl Hunt 5’10” guard Detroit Community– Quick first step with ball in his hands.  Not flashy, but knows how to play the game.  Was the emotional leader for Community this season.

Lance Clanton 5’7″ guard Ottawa Hills- Plays larger than size.  The lefty is a blur with the ball in hands.  Picks his spots well when to attack, and can catch fire from beyond the three-point line.

Tyreese Searles 6’2″ guard Cornerstone- High IQ guard that plays his role on a team.  Reliable ball-handler, and decision maker.  Can score as well.

Neshua Wise 6’4″ guard Flint Southwestern- Had a breakout senior season for the Knights.  Developed into a consistent perimeter threat with his shot.

Austin Sherell 6’6″ guard New Haven- Sherell will make his college very happy with his ability to play three positions on the floor, point, shooting and small forward.  His length and athleticism give him the ability to become a lockdown defender.

Dmonta Harris 6’4″ guard New Haven- Buckets.  Harris is a three-level scorer whose combination of size for the position and skill made him a consistent 20 per-game scorer.  College level body who doesn’t force the issue if not present.  Very patient and efficient on the offensive side of the floor.

Lavail Russell 5’10” guard Melvindale ABT- He had the ball in his hands a great deal during his high school career.  When he’s on he’s on.  Fearlessly drives the basket.

Nick Robak 6’0″ guard Waterford Our Lady- Above the rim finisher for a Class D athlete.  Can shoot, rebound, and play both guard positions.

Michael Williams 6’4″ forward Wyoming Godwin Heights- Undersized forward but with heart and a leaping ability that makes up for it.

Igli Pirgu 6’2″ guard Westside Christian- One of the school’s all time leader in three-pointers.  Quick release, thrives coming off screens.  Will take a Juco.


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