2015 King James Shootings Stars Classic Recap

27 Apr


Many of Michigan’s quality non-shoe sponsored teams descended on Akron for the King James Shooting Stars Classic.

Jason Williams 5’11” guard Detroit Stars 16u (Pictured)-

A classic Jason Williams performance this weekend, scoring the ball.  Williams, only a junior, has already scored 1,000 career points, and AAU is no different.  Williams quickly beat defenders off the dribble in the half-court, finishing multiple takes at the rim against taller defenders with either hand.  His jump shot has improved drastically in the course of a year, and should keep defenders honest.

Donnie Tillman 6’6″ forward Detroit Stars 16u

Donnie was a quality big man last Spring, now Tillman is an elite big man after spending a year at Findlay Prep.  Tillman’s best game was 32 points and eight rebounds.  He is the definition of a mismatch.  Place a larger defender on him he’ll face-up and drive to the basket.  Put a smaller defender on Tillman then he’ll over-power him in the lane.  Starting to play with a consistent motor on both ends of the court, finishing above the rim, while cleaning the glass, and challenging shots.

Jesse Scarber 5’7″ point guard Michigan Playmakers 16u-

His team doesn’t have a primary scorer, and Scarber decided to fill that void Saturday afternoon, 22 points overall.  Jesse plays one step ahead of opponents, he’s strong with the ball, attacks fearlessly to the lane, nimble enough to get through tight windows, limits turnovers, and was rewarded with multiple trips to the free-throw line.  Yet, Scarber’s strength is defense.  He consistently checks the opponent’s best defender the length of the court, and with his quick hands is able to generate steals to go along with anticipating passes.  Was also one rebound away from a double-double to go along with his 22 point outburst.

Daijon Park 6’5″ forward Michigan Warriors 16u-

Parker is quietly having a quality Spring.  After an impressive showing at the Michigan Invitational, Daijon followed up with a solid outing in Akron.  Parker’s not an eye-popping athlete, but he’s very methodical with his impact on the game.  He’s beginning to knockdown face-up free-throw line jumpers consistently, and looks quite natural doing so.  Rebounds his area well, and a promising weak-side shot blocker with improving footwork.

Tre Orr 6’8″ forward Michigan Playmakers 16u-

Orr had his moments throughout the weekend.  Tre has only been playing organized basketball for three years, and the next three years could even better for the Martin Luther King big man.  He’s starting to develop a feel for a back to the basket game, he’ll pass out of a double-team, however will call for the ball sensing a mismatch.  Many of his points we’re second chance putbacks.  With increased live action, his foot speed and athleticism should improve, making Orr a certain commodity come July.

Dequan Powell 6’0″ guard Michigan Playmakers 16u-

Powell at times was the best player on the court Saturday night and Sunday morning in bracket play.  His ability to transition from offense to defense quickly set the pace and tone for his team.  Powell was able to come away with steals and covert those into lay-ups, many of which were finished through contact.  However, Powell can also serve as a team’s glue man.  He rebounds well for a guard, and isn’t afraid to get scrappy down low.

Other News:

Detroit Showtime won the 17u Black Gold division title.  6’4″ East English guard Kamari Newman exploded for 35 points in the effort with various mid-major programs in attendance.

I was able to get a look at Michigan Soldiers 6’7″ forward Danny Pippen of Allen Academy, the first time since the big man was injured in January.  Pippen looks to have grown some since then, he does wear a size 22 shoe by the way.  Overall, Pippen looked comfortable running the floor, rebounding, and attacking defenders off the bounce.  Holds a U of D Mercy offer.

Hoops Canada 17u could easily be mistaken for a college level team.  Seven players suit up over 6’4.”  6’2″ sniper Omar Shiddo, and 6’8″ versatile inside-out Isiaha Mike were the standouts.

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