Nike Spring Showdown Day One Recap

11 Apr

Every Michigan team won on day one of action at the Nike Spring Showdown. Here are a few standouts.

Playmakers 17u Shine in Season Opening Debut

The Michigan Playmakers received one of the state’s most coveted point guard prospects, Renaissance 6’3″ junior Justin Turner.  Turner did not look phased or flustered given a new situation or team.  As the team’s primary scorer, Turner displayed he can both shoulder a scoring load and facilitate a game.  He connected on three three-pointers, attacked the rim with trips to the free-throw line, and scored in the mid-range section en route to finishing with 18 points overall.  However, Turner is not self-oriented and plays with poise not too many have for a high school level guard.  He looks to create plays for others before himself.  Justin likes to make good shots better shots individually and for teammates.

IMG_0416Turner was complemented in the team’s 53-30 win against Playground Elite by Southfield 6’5″ wing Miguel Priest (pictured).  Priest was highly active on the night.  Miguel is a unique combination of size, athleticism, grit, and hustle.  He powerfully plays above the rim, and nearly had an impressive tip-in put-back slam that nearly brought the court down.  However, Miguel is a plus rebounder for a wing, offensively and defensively.  The powerfully built lefty is a menace in transition and semi-halfcourt, attacking and was repeatedly rewarded with free-throw line trip opportunities.  Priest is surely one to watch for in the Spring session of the circuit.

Other 16u Playmakers Standout

Trenton Temple 6’4″ Southfield Christian

Temple led the team in a 36-26 victory against Quad City Elite with 10 overall points.  Aside from scoring the most points, it was his overall activity that led Temple to standout.  He isn’t the primary ball-handler, facilitator, or shooter, but he just seems to be around the ball and makes the right plays.  Playing the passing lanes well for deflections, scoring on offensive rebounds, and finishing around the rim with either hand.

Tre Orr 6’7″ Detroit King

Orr continues to progress in the early Spring session.  Orr gained confidence last week at the Michigan Invitational and gradually improved his play as the tournament went along.  Friday Orr made a statement against a vertically superior Quad City Elite team.  Orr showed flashes of scoring in the paint, completing an impressive drop step crossing the lane to the right side of the rim for the layup.   And as his team’s tallest player, most importantly for a George Ward led team, defended without fouling, only one on the night.  It seemed opponents grew tired of receiving Orr’s physicality.  On one play, Orr stood directly in-front of on-coming attacker, stepped out the way, and the offensive player was so stunned he blew a wide open two points.

Baylor Basketball/TMT Sportz

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