César Chávez Top Westside Christian 62-50

23 Jan

The term “big three” regarding basketball is synonymous with the NBA.  But César Chávez senior guard Robert Walton tends to believe otherwise.

Walton is a member of the Aztec Eagle “big three,” comprising of seniors Kylynn Willis, Marcellus Pittman, and Walton himself.  The “big three” have assisted in the Eagles amassing a record of 10-0 exactly halfway through the regular season after the team’s victory over Detroit Westside Christian 62-50.

“We worked hard, we pushed ourselves, we knew this was a big game,” Walton said after the win.  “We wanted to make a statement and let people know that Chávez is for real.”

The Aztec Eagles were nothing short of real at times during the game.  Leading by margins of at least 22 points at select courses of the game.

The “big three” accounted for 45 of the team’s points, and 17 rebounds for the Aztec Eagles.

Marcellus took the first half, scoring 14 of his team high 17 points in the first half to aid the Eagles in taking a 33-24 halftime advantage.

Rob would score eight points in a decisive third quarter in which Chávez would outscore Westside Christian 17-10, Walton finished with 14.

Not to be outdone was 5’9″ point guard Kylynn Willis.  Willis used his speed and and quickness all night to force six Warrior turnovers, and contributed 14 of his own points as well.

“Every game is our last,” according to Walton.  “We don’t get another year.”

Rob and Marcellus transferred to Chávez over the Summer from Oak Park.  Walton has adapted to a greater role than he has ever received at any stage of his basketball playing career.

“Being the team leader,” Walton mentioned as one of his responsibilities.  “Making sure all my teammates are working hard, and putting my teammates in a postion to win every night.”

It’s been quite a turn around for a team which last season lost a game by 51 points a year ago. Yet Walton is aware there are still those that doubt his Eagles. Walton will wait until the playoffs to silence the critics.

“Being 10-0 isn’t fluke, we worked and worked, we take all comers,” Walton added. “You don’t win 10 games off luck. If we haven’t been tested yet, we will show everyone in the playoffs.”


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