Kris Clyburn Just Settling In At Notre Dame Prep

20 Oct

7c4ee686c5b4059c14118f7db8a3570e_lKris Clyburn, a 2014 graduate of Romulus High School, has only been on the campus of Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Massachusetts for a little more than two months.  However, through open gyms, scrimmages, and workouts, Clyburn has accumulated two division one offers, one from Buffalo, the other from Fairfied.

The Buffalo scholarship offer is unique to Clyburn.  Bulls assistant coach Nate Oats was Clyburn’s head coach at Romulus for Kris’ sophomore and junior seasons.

“We are pretty close,” Clyburn had to say about Coach Oats, “he’s a good guy and coach, it feels good to have that offer because I know for sure that I can go there and have someone that will take care of me.”

“It feels good to have any offer really, I’m just blessed to have the opportunity to receive division one offers.”

Kris had multiple collegiate offers in high school, but when he decided to attend a prep school for a year, many went off the table.  Notre Dame prep has a reputation as one of the premier post-graduate basketball programs across the country, with distinguished NBA caliber alumni such as Michael Beasley and Ryan Gomes.  Given the prestige of the school, Clyburn has worked endlessly this fall to improve on his individual game.  He notes he has been increasing in strength, improving upon his ball handling, and becoming craftier around the rim to go along with his strength of perimeter shooting.  All of which will aid in Clyburn fulfilling his goals for the upcoming campaign.

“My goals are to win a championship,” said Clyburn, “and I plan on pulling in more division one offers.


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