Michigan 2016 Players to Watch in July

10 Jul

Regarded by many to be the best class right now in Michigan, 2016 is loaded at every position, and even those who got “snubbed” are still quality players in their own right.

Point Guards

Cassius Winston: 6’0″ U of D Jesuit, The Family 16u

James Towns: 5’9″ Detroit Henry Ford, 1Nation 16u

Brailen Neely: 5’8″ Detroit Western, The Family 16u

D’Angelo Hansbro: 5’10” Romulus, The Family 16u

Mike Bruce: 6’0″ Belleville, Michigan United 16u

Jason Williams: 5’9″ Allen Academy, Reach 16u

Brandon Allen: 5’10” Haslett, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u

Shae Somers: 5’9″ Bellaire, Parallel 45

Chris Rollins: 5’9″ East English Village, Detroit Showtime

William Deuparo: 5’9″ Detroit Consortium

Sevann Williams: 5’8″ Romulus, Reach 16u

Ean Blackwell: 5’8″ Detroit Southeastern

Jordan Webber: 5’9″ East Jordan

Kyree Boyton: 5’9″ Detroit Western

Nate Bowlware: 5’6″ East English Village, Detroit Showtime 16u

Shooting Guards and Combo Guards

Justin Turner: 6’2″ Renaissance, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u

Kamari Newman: 6’3″ East English Village, Detroit Showtime 16u

Billy Thomas: 5’10” Stars Basketball

Corey Allen: 6’2″ Ypsilanti, The Family 16u

Kyle Woodruff: 6’2″ Holly, Michigan Mustangs-Woodruff 16u

Tristan Jackson: 6’3″ West Bloomfield, Reach 16u

Marlo Brown: 6’4″ Southfield Christian, The Family 16u

Terrance Sewell: 6’2″ Detroit Northwestern, Reach 16u

Kalebb Perry: 6’2″ Mt. Pleasant, HoopGrind 16u

Luster Johnson: 6’0″ Consortium, 1Nation 16u

Karim Murray: 6’0″ Detroit Western, 1Nation 16u

Gage Kreski: 6’2″ St. Ignace, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u

Joan Andoni: 6’2″ Livonia Churchill, Michigan United 16u

Jacob Joubert: 6’0″, North Farmington, Stars Basketball

Ryan Stevens: 6’1″ Lowell, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u


Josh Jackson: 6’7″ Detroit Consortium, 1Nation 17u

Ty Groce: 6’6″ Ypsilanti Lincoln, Michigan United 16u

Devon Daniels: 6’4″ Kalamazoo Central, Michigan Mustangs 17u

Danny Pippen: 6’6″ Allen Academy, Detroit Stars

Anthony Johnson: 6’5″ Flint Beecher

Jaylen McFadden: 6’3″ East English Village, Detroit Showtime 16u

Kevin McKay: 6’4″ Warren De La Salle, Detroit Showtime 16u

Quay Burks: 6’3″ Flint Beecher, Michigan Mustangs-Woodruff 16u

Rashaan Pope: 6’3″ Belleville, Michigan United 16u

Jalen Martin: 6’3″ Chandler Park Academy, Reach 16u


Algevon Eichelberger: 6’7″ Saginaw, The Family 16u

Austin Davis: 6’9″ Onsted, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u

Kelvon Fuller: 6’7″ Oak Park, The Family 16u

Tony Poljan: 6’7″ Lansing Catholic

Cedric Lattimore: 6’4″ East English Village, Detroit Showtime 16u

Alaric Jackson: 6’5″ Renaissance, Oakland County Ballers 16u

Dylan Carl: 6’8″ Alma, Grand Rapids Storm 16u

Orlando Little: 6’4″ Kalamazoo Central, Michigan Mustangs-Carson 16u

Braden Burke: 6’10” Stevensville Lakeshore, The Family 16u

Maxwell: 6’7″ Adrian Lenawee Christian, Michigan Magic

Jerry Ben: 6’10” New Haven, Stars Basketball

Logan Ryan: 6’7″ Canton, Michigan United 16u

Darwin Hubbard: 6’4″ Cass Tech, 1Nation 16u

Collins: 6’6″ Adrian Lenawee Christian

Isaac Zin: 6’9″ Okemos

Kyle Hayes: 6’7″ Ypsilanti Arbor Prep, Michigan Mustangs Carson-16u

Thanks to Jeff Mckinney for helping with this list. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @McKinneysWorld



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