Romulus’ Kris Clyburn to Prep at Notre Dame Prep (MA)

23 Jun

romulusNotre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Massachusetts is one of the premier post graduate schools in America. Turning out a multitude of division one prospects over the course of its 50+ year existence, as well as current NBA veterans Michael Beasley, and Ryan Gomes. Romulus 2014 guard Kris Clyburn had a plethora of options to continue his basketball career following high school, but chose Notre Dame Prep and is relieved the process is now over.

“It feels great,” Clybrun had to say. “I’ve been stressed for a while now and it’s just a relief to finally make a decision.” “I choose the prep route because I felt that it can better prepare me for the next level.” “I feel like I can go to prep, put on some weight, and become a more of dominant player.”

Kris’ older brother, Will, also attended Romulus in the mid 2000s before starring at Utah and Iowa State, and is currently enjoying a career in Europe. Like his brother Kris, Will was no stranger to taking a difficult path to college. After his senior season, Will’s only offer was a community college in Iowa, but made the most of it and became one of nations best JUCO wings at the end of two years of eligibility. Now it Kris’ turn to work hard, and he notes to term hard work is a unifying factor between the two brothers.

“We both like to work hard,” Clyburn had to say. “I could’ve went right to the NCAA but I just feel like it will be much better and beneficial for me to take the prep route, and just see what that has in store for me.”

Clyburn comes to Notre Dame Prep off of what he calls pretty good season. A bit of a disappointment in Romulus standards, especially considering winning the Class A state championship the year prior, the team won the league championship, again, as well as district and regional titles before bowing out in the quarterfinals vs. U of D Jesuit. But if only looking at Kris individual output, the pretty good can turn into very good. Kris went from serving primarily as a role player his junior season to developing as one of his team’s leading scorers. He notes the aspect of his game that best serves him transitioning to the prep school is his versatility, he can shoot the three, as well as finish around the basket, and jump out of the gym. But for him to be great, he notes, he will continue to gain strength, and develop his ball handling and isolation moves on offense.

The State of Michigan has been hard hit by the influx of prep schools across the nation. Each year, there are multiple talented kids that leave the state to continue both their education and athletic careers at prep schools. And while Clyburn stayed for all four years in high school, the general consensus regarding prep school is skeptical. With NCAA investigations about the education and eligibility surrounding the schools, many ask is it worth it? For Clyburn, he see the opportunity for a prep year as what you put into it, that is what you get out of it.

“If you’re going to put in the work, (both education and athletically), then it can help you a lot, if you’re not going to put in the time and dedication then can be a bad decision for some.”

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