U of D Mercy Team Shootout Day 1

17 Jun

UnknownSummer League is what you make of it, and at the U of D Mercy Team Shootout, the two sessions revealed some indication of what this upcoming season will turn out to be for some of the top teams, and players in the state.



AM Standouts

2015 Antonio Capaldi 6’5″ wing Bishop Foley- Capaldi was one of the more versatile players at the camp.  With the ideal size for the wing, Capaldi can play and guard both guard positions as well.  He can serve as both his team’s primary scorer or facilitate and create for his teammates.  Very good rhythm shooter from the 20ft and in, just needs to see one and get his confidence up.

2015 Demarco Dickerson 6’2″ guard Detroit Loyola– Dickerson is the classic version of a combo guard.  When he has the ball in his hands, he looks to get his teammates involved from all areas of the floor.  But throughout the day, he played more of an off-the-ball role.  He likes to takes defenders off the dribble and slash to the basket, either finishing or getting to the line.  Demarco also made his presence felt on defense.  When the Bulldogs went to a half-court trap, Dickerson was at the top causing havoc for opposing ball handlers with quick hands, footwork, and length, creating steals and deflection which resulted in easy run-outs for his team.

2015 Mykel Tyson 6’6″ forward Detroit Consortium- Tyson is undersized for the power forward position, but with a big-body and workman like attitude, Mykel still finds ways the affect the game.  He’s a very physical inside presence on either side of the floor, battling for rebounds and using his size to create space.  Offensively, he has a decent touch around the basket with a left or right hand, and even ran the high-low well sometimes sealing defenders and allowing his fellow forward a wide open area to pass.  Still working on a back to the basket/post-up game.


2015 Josh Davis 6’5″ wing Detroit Henry Ford- Josh was no doubt one of if not the best players in the gym throughout the whole day regardless of AM or PM.  Davis has a reputation for being a knock-down shooter on the perimeter, as he still did, but what caught the attention of Calihan Hall was the thunderous dunks the young man provided.  One a back-door alley-oop which brought the whole court to their feet, as well as a few momentum swinging baseline dunks off the dribble.  Just another reason as to why he has seven offers currently and high major interest on the way.

2016 James Towns 5’10” point guard Detroit Henry Ford- What Towns lacks in height or weight, he makes up for with heart and gritty determination, a true competitor on the floor.  As a point guard, James is a solid decision maker on the offensive side of the floor, he can run a half-court offense efficiently, but at times can create plays an scoring opportunities individually.  Despite his size, Towns is an exceptional leaper, as he pounded one down with his dominant left-hand beating his defender off the dribble.  But where Towns likes to leave his presence felt is on defense.  He’s a lockdown defender.  In the championship game, Towns made the game winning scoop and score to give his Trojans the w, but that is not to say he did not apply ball pressure and high intensity throughout the afternoon.

2016 Devon Daniels 6’4″ guard Kalamazoo Central– Very skilled offensive player at the two guard position.  Can create his own shot off the dribble, and was primarily effective in the mid-range section of his game throughout the day.  He is the type of player that a team can run an offense through and receive quality contributions.

2015 Arlington Hambright 6’4″ forward Belleville- On a team predicated on guard play, Hambright was a pleasant surprise for the Tigers.  Hambright is undersized for his role on the team, power forward, however, his big body and high motor give opposing teams problems.  Hambright did the dirty work for Belleville, playing physical down low, rebound, and get loose balls.  What caught the attention of Hambright offensively was the times when he got the ball on the elbow, faced up, and knock-down a contested jumper on the opposing teams forward.  He didn’t just do it once, Hambright did it at least five times.  It will be interesting to track Hambright’s development as the Summer moves on and what type of player he will become by the Fall.

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    No mention of Kevin Hayes

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