Sam McClendon Commits to Grand Valley State

15 Jun

IMG_1027Sam McClendon did not take the easy route to Grand Valley State.  After a successful senior season at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s, McClendon decided to attend Score Academy in Raleigh North Carolina.

How does it feel to commit to Grand Valley State?

Sam McClendon: It feels great. I couldn’t be more happy and confident about my decision. I’m just ready to get started with my teammates.

What was the coaches reaction when you told them?

Sam McClendon: They were pretty excited. After recruiting me for so long, I think they were pretty happy that they could get me.

Why is Grand Valley a good fit for you?

Sam McClendon: Mainly because of the academic and athletic success. You kind of get the best of both worlds when it comes to that which is very important to me.

What were some other schools recruiting you and why did you choose Grand Valley?

Sam McClendon: Southeastern Louisiana, Radford, UNC Wilmington, Tennessee State, Coastal Carolina. I mainly chose GVSU because of their great academic and athletic success. I also felt more wanted at GVSU which played a huge role because you don’t want to sign somewhere just because they have an extra scholarship.

How do the coaches plan to use you your first year there?

Sam McClendon: I think they plan for me to make an immediate impact with losing their starting PG last year. I’m just ready to come in with a positive attitude and do whatever it takes to bring a championship to GVSU.

Talk a little about your journey to Grand Valley, going to Prep School for a year?

Sam McClendon: Prep school was a great experience for me. It allowed me to really focus on improving different aspects of my game. I had a pretty good year at prep school and it also helped me to become a better leader with playing with players from several different countries.

Did you visit GVSU, what did you like about it? And do you know any of the players all ready there?

Sam McClendon: Yes, I liked the facilities and the campus. I also got along really well with my teammates. Coach Bauer and Coach Wesley really made me feel comfortable on my visit and that played a huge role. No, I didn’t know any of the players previously, but they all made me feel comfortable on my visit there. I got along with everyone and I think we have all the pieces it takes to be successful this upcoming year.

Who would you like to thank to most for getting you to where you are today?

Sam McClendon: My mom she was always there to support me throughout the highs and lows of my recruitment. She always gave me the advice that I needed and didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear. My old coach growing up, Lima Pereira, really helped me out a lot with weighing the pros and cons of each school and picking the school that was the best fit for me. Lastly, Coach Bauer and Coach Wesley they have recruited me since my senior season at St. Mary’s. We have developed a pretty good relationship and I know we’ll continue to have that throughout my career at GVSU.

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