Country Day’s Taylor Graffa Talks College of Wooster Commit

9 Apr


How does it feel to commit to Wooster?

  • Really good, I’m happy to be committed and I’m looking forward to the next four years.

What were some other schools recruiting you and what made you want to attend Wooster?

  • I was recruited by Washington University (in St. Louis), Occidental College, Wittenberg University, Hope College, Albion College, and Catholic University. I chose Wooster because it was the best fit. They have a high reputation academically and are known for their stellar basketball program. They are the winningest basketball program out of D1, D2, and D3 since 2000. I really like that the town of Wooster supports the team with an average of 2500 fans a night. Their coaching staff has built a great program and they do things the right way. Plus their players have outstanding character and are close with one another.

What is your relationship with the coaches at Wooster and do you know any of the players already there?

  • I have a good relationship with the Coach Moore and Coach Cline, and I did an overnight visit awhile back, so I know a couple of the guys, especially the underclassmen.

Did you visit the campus already? If so, what did you like about it?

  • Wooster has a big campus for being a small school, and has a nice downtown next to it with a lot of places to eat. Plus they recently renovated a lot of their academic buildings, and their athletic facilities are on par with a lot of Division One schools.

What makes you unique as a player? What will Wooster be getting out of a player like you?

  • I’ll add my outside shooting ability, but I can also play defense and I’m a good passer/decision maker as well. Wooster will be getting a player that has the ability to spread a defense out because of my shooting ability, and I’ll be able to knock down a lot of shots for them.

Talk a little bit about your career at Country Day. What was it like winning a state title your junior season?

  • My junior year was definitely a special year, winning a state championship and it was Coach Keener’s last year. I made a close bond with the team, especially the juniors and seniors. And playing on such a talented team made me a better player because I had to play against Edmond Sumner (Xavier) and Austin Price (Lehigh) every day in practice, so they’re a big reason for my growth as a player.

What will you look to add to the Wooster program?

  • I’ll be coming in, ready to be a leader and to work hard right away to get ready to for the opportunity to contribute to an already amazing program.

Who would you like to thank the most for getting you to where you are today?

  • I’d like to thank God for putting me in this situation and my parents for supporting me through the process and giving me the opportunity to attend Country Day. I’d also like to thank Coach Keener for mentoring me through high school and beyond, and thanks to Coach Bray for helping me grow my senior year as a leader and as a player. And thank you to the coaching staffs of both teams for developing my skills as a player. Finally, Id like to thank Christien Wright (Amherst College) for being a great friend and helping me through the recruiting process.

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