Player Profile: 2018 PG Rashad Williams

7 Sep

IMG_20130325_150354• Height, Weight, and position?

5’10.5” , 147lbs, point guard

• High School, Summer team and Graduation Year?

I’m currently at Melvindale ABT, but will be attending Romulus for High School, The Family, c/o 2018

• Players you try to model your game after?

Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Derrick Rose

• Important Stats

22 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebs per game.

• Most memorable game in your career so far?

Playing against Cornerstone and scoring 24 points in the 2nd half of the game.

• Colleges that you would like to attend?

Kentucky, Michigan, Arizona, U Con, and Louisville

• Colleges that have shown interest in you so far?

Coaches from Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Buffalo have said they’re keeping an eye on me but nothing official as of yet.

• What makes you unique from other players at your position?

In addition to being able to pass and handle the ball well, I’m one of the stronger point guards. In addition, I shoot the ball comfortably from NBA 3 point range so I stretch the floor.

• Strengths and areas you are improving in?

Shooting, ball handling, and my court vision are my biggest strengths. I’m continuously working to get stronger, faster, and to raise my basketball IQ.

• How did the offseason go?

I have no offseason. I was named a Jr. All American so I stayed in the gym in preparation for the camp. When I attended the Atlanta camp, I played well and was named an all star and top 20 in the country. I was also named Detroit PAL’s Youth of the Year so I was involved with PAL activities. Overall it was a great “offseason”.

• Goals for the upcoming season?

My goal for the upcoming season is to continue to develop as an athlete, player and leader. Also I expect for my team to win the aau national championship.

• What role do you see your self having this year for your team?

I look to make my teammates better in practice and games. By continuously being a threat on the court opportunities will open up for my teammates to score. Furthermore, I plan on being a more vocal leader and demanding excellence.

• What will a coach be getting out of you at the next level?

Someone who is will to work hard and open to learning. I want to win so whatever is asked of me I’m willing to do.

• What will will go into your decision about choosing a college?

A major factor in me choosing a college with be my relationship with the coach, the style of the offense, and the schools track record for getting point guards into the NBA.

• Most influential person in your life? Why?

My dad is by far the most influential person in my life. He taught me how to play basketball. More importantly he’s help shape me into the young man that I am by showing me the importance of education, setting goals and working towards achieving them. My dad  is the constant push in my life.

• Legacy you want to leave at your school?

I look to leave a legacy of winning at my school. When I leave my school I want people to remember me not just for the successes that I had during the games, but for the academic excellence I displayed off the court and how hard I worked in practice.

• Highlight Tape

Videos available at:

• Fun/ interesting fact about you?

I shoot with my right hand, but I eat and do everything else with my left.

• Awards, Accomplishments, other comments?

– Detroit PAL Youth of the Year
– Jr. All American
– Jr. All American All Star
– Named top 20 in the country
– Think Detroit Pal All-Star
– Named top 5 player in Michigan

– Woodmont Academy MVP
– Principals’s List
– Woodmont Academy Student Athlete of the Year
– Named Top 6th grader in Michigan
– Think Detroit Pal All-Star

– Spirit of Detroit Award
– Principal’s List
– Named top 100 player nationally by Adidas
– Woodmont Academy MVP
– Think Detroit Pal All-Star
– Leading Scorer Think Detroit Pal All-Star Game
– Named Top 5th grader in Michigan

– Named top 10 player in Michigan

– Mallori Dew Student Athlete of the Year Award
– Think Detroit Pal All Star
– Leading scorer of 6th grade team (as a 3rd grader)
– City of Detroit All Star
– Crossover 3 point champion
– Magic Tour Champion team MVP

• Academic Information

3.51 gpa

13 ACT score

• Contact Information

Contact my dad, Kennard Williams at 313.989.3717 or by email at:

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