July Tune Up Recap

8 Jul

hypeThe July Tune Up held at Hype athletic center in Dearborn Heights served as a warmup for AAU teams before the July live period that begins next week and runs through the remainder of the month, a period where coaches can attend AAU games.  With that being said, many of the players the participated in this event will  be sure to have a few coaches watching their games in the next few weeks.  Now is the time where we separate the contenders and pretenders for college offers.

Justin Tillman 6’7″ 200 lbs (Reach 17U)– Justin showed us why he is one of the top recruited prospects from the State of Michigan this weekend, again.  What fans, opponents, and scouts know when they see Justin play is that he is going to play hard on both sides of the court.  Whether that be blocking multiple shots on one possession on defense and still getting the rebound, or creating second and third chances on the offensive glass.  The bottom line was that he was too athletic for anyone to handle and was hands down the best player in the gym.

Mike Laster 6’4″ Wing (Reach 17U)– Did a little bit of everything for the Reach Legends.  Scored, hit perimeter jump shots, got to the basket, and rebounded.  One of the more underrated wings in the C/O 2014.

Tyron Hamby 6’0″ 165 lbs PG (Reach 17U)–  Really one of the more underrated point guards in the State of Michigan.  If he was at any school other than Romulus he would most likely have a few offers as of now.  What stood out at this tournament was Hamby’s defense.  Whether it was making a nice anticpation off a pass, or just outwilling the opponent for the ball, Hamby got the ball and it resulted in nice and easy breakaway points for Reach.

Nick Perkins 6’6″ Forward (The Program Elite 16U)– Continuing on a great Summer that resulted in a Toledo offer, Milan forward Nick Perkins has soared to perhaps a top ten ranking in Class of 2015.  Nick is a big, strong physical post presence that uses strength to carve out space down low for rebounds and post position.  Willing passer that makes good decisions to find shooters on the perimeter.  But on defense, Nick changed shots and made it hard just to get shots up.

Trishton Jackson 6’1″ Combo Guard (Reach Legends 15U)–  Tristan is a very talented offensive player that can score the ball.  In one game, playing the Michigan Warriors 16U team, Jackson went off for 26 points and single-handedly kept his team in the game.  It was a combination of three-pointers, and finishing through contact at the basket.  Trishton is up there with the top sophomores for next year and should have a breakout season next year at West Bloomfield.

Jeron Rogers 6’7″ Wing (Michigan Warriors 16U)–  Jeron made the switch from Reach Legends to the Michigan Warriors this Summer, but nothing has changed about his game.  Jeron is a matchup nightmare for defenders.  Put a taller defender on him and he will use his quickness to get to basket, but put a smaller defender on him he’ll go to the post and shoot a fade-away jump shot.  Good scorer that runs the floor well, and a jump shot that can be extended to the perimeter.  Will be a high major target one day.

Tyler Johnson SG (Reach)– Nice pickup for Reach Legends.  In the first tournament this Summer, Johnson was unstoppable from beyond the arch.  Tyler was hitting three’s on kick backs from post players, or dribbling up the court and stopping at the top of the key.  Should pick up some nice interest during the live period.

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