Day One in the Romulus Summer League

19 Jun

romulusArguable the most competitive Summer League in Michigan, the Romulus Summer League had a good mixture of teams on the first day.  From defending state champions, to teams that will be contenders this year, even all the way to up-and-coming younger teams.  The atmosphere in the gym did not feel like it was a Summer League.  A few technical fouls were given and a few coaches got into heated arguments.  However, talent was abundant, and some players are beginning to make a name for themselves that college programs should start paying attention to.

Ronald Booth (2014 5’6″ Detroit Consortium PG)- Do not let Booth’s size fool you, Ronald can play.  Booth is a tough, hard-nosed basketball player that can run an offense and is a team first player.  He handles the ball well, controls the pace of the game, can score if needed, and makes life difficult on opposing point guards.  Ronald would be a nice high D2 or low-major player.

Ja’Christian Briles (2014 6’2″ Oak Park Combo Guard)- Transfer from Southfield-Lathrup, Ja’Christian can simply score the ball.  Briles was knocking down three pointers and mid-range jump shots with ease.  Made a few nice passes with the ball in his hands playing the point guard.  Nice athleticism allowed Briles to finish above the rim on the fast-break.  Briles will have a break-out year for the Knights

Jake Lavis (2014 Wyandotte Roosevelt PG)- Lavis did everything for the Bears.  He shot the ball well, passed, rebounded well and played defense.  Jake controlled the game for the Bears and everything they did went through him.

Jordan Moses (2014 Detroit Loyola 6’9″ Forward)- Moses will be attending post-graduate school after his senior season, which will help Jordan transition nicely to the college level.  Moses changed shots and rebounded well and the defensive side of the ball, Jordan is raw offensively and will need some polishing up with a back to the basket type of game, but it is not to often you get an almost seven footer in high school.

Kelvin Fuller (2016 Oak Park 6’7″ Forward)- Fuller will have to sit out a semester for the Knights because he transferred to Oak Park from Detroit Cody, following head coach Bryant Tipton.  Fuller was hands down the best big man in the gym.  Fuller used his big frame to establish down low position on the block and finish at the basket.  Fuller was also blocking shots easily with a nice vertical, as well as providing the crowd with some electrifying alley-oops.  Kelvin will bring a high motor, and an intimidating defensive presence to any team he plays on.  He is also unique in the fact that he can play like a guard sometimes while bringing up the floor.  Fuller will be one to watch this upcoming basketball season.

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  1. Adilbek July 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

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