Sumner Decides on Xavier

13 May


Detroit Country Day has been a mecca for high school basketball in Metro Detroit. Former greats include Chris Webber and Shane Battier, to recents who have put on the Yellow Jacket jersey such as Ray McCallum and Amir Williams. And adding a new chapter to the history of the school is C/O 2014 PG Edmond Sumner. Sumner, who competes for the EYBL team The Family, recently took a visit down to Xavier the weekend of May 4th, which pretty much put a bow on top of his recruitment with Xavier. “They have been on me the longest,” said Sumner, “and made a priority unlike other schools,” who reportedly chose between the Musketeers and the Minutemen of UMass.

Don’t think that just because Sumner is going to a smaller school means he doesn’t have game, this guy can play and had high major coaches watching. He single-handedly took over multiple playoff games in the postseason leading Country Day to a Class B crown, including a remarkable 30 point three steal performance in the semi-final victory over Cadillac. He has even continued that high level of play into the early EYBL season, averaging 12.7 points a game and dishing out 40 assists so far. Sumner wanted attend a school that fits his play style, and that school is Xavier because “At most schools they play only one point [guard], at Xavier, they play two point guards and they give them a lot of freedom.”

As far as Sumner’s game is concerned, he is hands down one of the most exciting guards to watch operate in the state. Edmond excels in the open court with great speed and court vision, with the ability to finish at the rim despite a slender frame. To go along with very quick and steady three point jump shot. All of these are skills that Xavier will need to compete in the first season for the newly formed Big East Conference.

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One Response to “Sumner Decides on Xavier”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. May 20, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

    Under the tutelage of great coaches and teachers Sumner should grow as a player as well as a student. One more outstanding season wii groom him for Xavier and higher learning. @J0#king82

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