C/0 2014 Point Guards to Watch this Summer 2013

17 Apr

Edmond Sumner 6’3″ (Detroit Country Day)- Probably the fastest guard in the state.  Edmond has the ability to score at will against opponents, which most of the time is getting around them and getting to the basket.  Do not let him get the first step on you, buy then it is just about over.

Keyon Addison 6’0″ (Saginaw)– One of the best on ball defenders in the class. Addison is a true menace on the defensive side of the ball.  Makes it hard to breath if you are playing offense.  Not a slouch on the offensive end as well.  Good driving abilities allow himself to get to the line.

Darsean Woodson 5’8″ (Detroit Pershing)– Short but quick point guard that excels in the open floor.  Capable of hitting the kick-back jump shot from the post. Will get a turn to have the ball in his hands much more this summer than when he did playing for his high school team.

Evan Kraatz 5’10” (Allen Park Inter-City Baptist)– Already Baptist’s leading scorer in school history.  Kraatz has one of the best pull-up jump shots in the area to go along with a solid catch-and-shoot game. Knows how to create offense for himself.  Was relied on so much this season to put the ball in the basket that true point guard skills were never tested.

D.J. Lazarus 5’9″ (Macomb Dakota)– Not the quickest of guards out there, but what D.J. makes up for that is his shooting ability.  Do not let this man get into a rhythm from beyond the arch, because if he does, you will be in for a long night. Excels in ball screens coming around a screener and pulling up for a jump shot.  Which ultimately opens up other aspects of his game which is penetration.

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