Interview with Sam McClendon

26 Mar


Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How do you think your season went this year?

Sam McClendon: I thought I had a solid senior season.  I averaged about 17.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and four assists.  I believed that we had what it took to  make a deep run in the State Playoffs, but we got beat in the district championship by a miracle shots.  All in all, my teammates and I came a long way from December-March.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is your favorite memory throughout your high school career?

Sam McClendon: I have many great memories, but my favorite this season had to be upsetting U of D in OT while they were a top five team in the state.  Easily one of my most memorable wins throughout my careers.  We ended up being the only Catholic League team to beat them.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are some players you try to model you game after?

Sam McClendon: I think I have the leadership of Chris Paul and the athleticism of Russell Westbrook.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What skills do you have as a basketball player and what are some areas of your game that are up and coming?

Sam McClendon: I’m more of a bigger guard, which allows me to be a great rebounder.  I have great court vision, I’m a great teammate/leader and can score.  I plan to polish every aspect of my game during the off-season and get stronger.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics; What are some schools that have offered you or have showed hard interest in you?

Sam McClendon: Central (Michigan), Cleveland State, Grand Valley (State), Lake Superior State, Wayne State, Southeast Missouri State are the standouts with various prep schools and smaller junior colleges.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What do you look for in a school as far as academics and a potential major?

Sam McClendon: Academics always come first to me.  I’ve always took pride in my education.  I plan to major in computer engineering.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What would a college be getting in a player like you?

Sam McClendon: They would get a hard worker, and one that could lead the team by example.  They will also get a player who is always striving to be the best I can be and make my teammates around me better.  They will lastly get an unselfish point guard who does what it will take to win.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics:  What role would you like to take on of a team?

Sam McClendon: I’m willing to take on anything the coach thinks the team lacks.  If he needs me to rebound, I’ll do that.  If he needs me to score/distribute, then I’ll do that.  I’m very coachable.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What legacy or standard do you think you set at OLSM?

Sam McClendon: I think I had a great legacy that’ll live on.  I’ll never forget after our district championship loss my coach said to me, “You’ll go down as one of the best I’ve ever coached.”  It means a lot to me because of the reputation of OLSM hoops around that state and how long my coach has been coaching. (Coached Kalin Lucas)

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Any shoutouts you would like to give?

Sam McClendon: I would just like to shoutout and thank everyone who has supported me throughout these four years.  It’s truly been a blessing to have the opportunity to be apart of such a prestigious basketball program.  I’ll never forget the memories.  More importantly, my mom.  She’s been there for me since I was a little freshman on varsity.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is a fun/interesting face about you?

Sam McClendon: I can secretly sing but no one will ever get a chance to hear me.

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